Dec 7, 2009

Scrubs Story

Hello boys & girls. Today I'll tell you a story that is only Disney material.
Once upon a time, a hospital in far-middle-east-away named Kapo Atona was ruled by a nice awesome dean, called Addy. Dear old Addy was summon by a higher power to be much more than the dean of medicine. Addy couldn't refuse & left his unfortunate students to a mean old new dean named Zolar.

Zolar was a strict old fashioned stone headed dean. He hated colors, patterns, fashion & beauty. Uniqueness wasn't a word in his dictionary. His vision of a well controlled hospital is hundreds of walking replicates. You see copies are easier to control. All of them the same. None will stand out. So a dress code he enforced & a scrub underneath a white coat it will be.
But that's not it. Zolar thought that's not enough. Wearing scrubs isn't enough to make an army of look alikes. You see there is this wide see of colors & styles out there. He couldn't possibly let Kapo Atona run wiled like a circus show. So he must enforce one color. No, one shade of that color.

Experts on bad taste & how to look ugly were brought from all over the world. Meetings & meetings were held to come up with the unflattering color Kapo Atona's girls going to ware.

The guys were already asked to ware ciel blue scrubs by dean Addy. It wasn't an injustice decision like this one. You see the guys asked for it, when they decided to come to Kapo Atona with their baggy, low wasted jeans & their boxers showing. The curly shaggy hair didn't help either.

After weeks of debating they settled on the dreadful color of the tale of the most famous fish in history, Ariel. The girls in Kapo Atona were appalled by such color. Well, maybe not all of them but our sheroin -the fair maiden Ayzim- sure did.

Ayzim met Ariel two years ago in a ball held in the crystal castle in far-middle-east-away. And let's just say, Ariel stole Ayzim's date, spilled cranberry juice all over her dress and slapped her with her tale accidentally on the face. That tale's color was not a color Ayzim wants to see and most certainly wear ever again. But hey Zolar's commands were umm commands.
So she & some other Kapo Atona girls went looking for this hideous color. Some made jokes, that they will wear red head scarfs to match Ariel's hair. And oh was that going to be an ugly seen.

The thing that Zolar didn't count for is that this color was a sub-color more than a real color. And let's face it far-middle-east-away is so far that sometimes some sub-colors looses its way before reaching it. Luckily for Ayzim, this sub-color was long lost with Ariel's trip back to the deep deep ocean.

Zolar was furious. He gathered his bad taste experts again & started brain storming. What color would make them look pale & ugly? Lucky for Kapo Atona's girls, Zolar & his experts weren't the kind of men to learn from their mistakes. So they picked another seaweed sub-color that they themselves couldn't find. And settled by telling the girls to bring scrubs with a color bluer & darker than the sample they have provided. How & who in the world know what sub-color is that? They didn't even provide this sub-color's name! Obviously such sub-color was not found. And another debate was going to take place.

The girls were bored & annoyed from such madness over a freaking color! So a suggestion was offered to wear the same ciel blue color as the guys. It is the most popular scrubs color after all. Oh but no. How could Zolar approve of such unheard of thing? Yes he wants them all to be the same. But how in the world would he tell if the person in front of him is a female or a male?
WOW In far-middle-east-away the 2 genders looked a like apparently? Or perhaps they were a mutant species with both female & male physical characters in one body? One over comes the other of course or how could have they be labeled as females or males in the first place. I don't know about you boys & girls but this far-middle-east-away land is looking more bazaar every second.
Another debate & another unheard of sub-color was chosen. Another unfound sub-color that is.
Weeks have passed by & still the scrubs color national dilemma was still unsolved. Zolar was getting desperate. Those girls were still parading around in their skinny pants & he's loosing face. He must act fast. Does that mean he have to compromise? It must be. It's his only choice. So he gets down of his high thrown & approves of the ciel blue. I know what you are thinking: God help us, how in the world would we know which sex is which? Ahh but there's a twist my lovely boys & girls. The brilliant Zolar already has a fix. The ciel blue the girls must wear is a tinge darker than the guys' ciel blue. (m3 nfso o Allah y3eeno 3la nfso 8olo ameen)

The thing is the tinge-darker-ciel-blue is very, whats the word? ridiculous & who would have the time to go look for it. Ayzim & some other sensible friends bought the normal ciel blue scrubs.

They didn't think Zolar was stupid enough to compare between the scrubs & what shade they are in? Doesn't the dean of medicine have something else better to do? Oh but how they were wrong. Some rumor was spread that not only every body should wear the same exact shade but also the same exact freaking fabric, made by the same exact tailor. Now now, here Ayzim's draws the line. What kind of injustice is this? Besides, a few years back Cinderella ruined her dress & she hates all tailors now. I know you think Ayzim has an issue with every princess out there? Anger management courses? I'll be sure to tell her.
Today after a 2 weeks break, some were wearing their blue scrubs, including Ayzim. Everyone was wearing a different shade of blue. So far no objections. But the question remains: will Zolar & Kapo Atona's staff will be like the Jews giving so much importance & asking Moses about the color of the cow they need to slaughter? Or would they just let it go? After all, It's not like it's a national security issue.
The End

P.S: I'm sick. This insanity can not be held against me.


  1. bravo bravo... i'd hurt my hands from applauding
    YOU. ARE. AMAZING. !!!!
    this story should be spread in the whole world with a key-word underneath :p..
    the most amazing and God u're so right !!!
    and I love the metaphor.. jews and Moses !!!LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.. can't love the post more than i do now... u explain literally everything.. and i couldn't stop myself from laughing at 3:40 A.M. :p..

    the. most. amazing. post ever :p hehehheeh

  2. LOOOOOOL omg omg you are creative!!! Love the story LOOOOOOL :D

  3. LOL!

    I must say, this Zolar dude has his priorities very, very clear!

  4. LOL thanks Fadiah. You are the best XOXO.

    C, thanks babe. Glad you liked it XOXO.

    Bookworm, LOL. و ما خفي كان أعظم :P

    Girl… seriously.. you’re maashala soOOOOo talented I’m so jealous right now. But I still love ya so keep’em coming *-*

    my fav part was the Experts on bad taste & how to look ugly LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  6. LOL !!!!

    thats funny ;p

    w it will be a good fairytale story ;p

  7. Aww thanks Faith. Your such a sweet heart.

    Simple Girl, it is just missing the prince right? :P