Aug 23, 2009

No Smoking in Ramadan

Burak: how r u dodah ?
Dodah: fine
how r u ?

Burak: fine too
Dodah: how is Ramazan ?
Burak: fine but ı can't smoke cigarettes
so ı m bad

Dodah: cigarettes r bad
Burak: no cigarettes r very sweet
Dodah: lung cancer isn't
Burak: not important for me
Dodah: your life is not important?
Burak: yeah
Dodah: ok

This conversation took place this morning on Facebook chat, between myself and my Turkish friend Burak.

It's so sad how he's so hung up on his cigarettes. And it's not just him, smoking is like an endemic in Turkey. I have seen people breaking their fast not with water or any kind of food, but with cigarettes.

I don't think there is a better time for me to say this than Ramadan: People please stop smoking for yourselves first, then for your families and for us your fellow human beings. We DESERVE to breath clean air.


  1. JAB, I hope someday you change your mind. =]

    Bahrain Fashion, thank you. =]

  2. I can't write if I'm not smoking. So - yeah - it's definitely after iftar around here, since I'm sending you regards from my smoky laptop. Hehe.

    Now, where's my coffee?

  3. Why are you people bragging about it. It's a nasty, filthy habit and you should feel ashamed of yourselves.
    Now, please tell me you don't smoke around people?

  4. yes! go smart cookie! you show'em!

    Loved the picture! hehehe

    and I just cant seem to understand how can smokers tolerate the smell of cigarettes?! it's disgusting and utterly repulsive! not to mention that it's killing them slowly with each sip they take!

  5. Relax, hon, so long it makes you feel better, I always smoke alone or with fellow puffers.
    Besides, Djarum cigs smell awesome; kinda like burnt cloves and cheap 3ood.

  6. SKITTLES & Another-Penelope, you girls both rock! =D

    Hning, yeah it does make me feel better. Its not about the smell. Its about the breathing problems and all types of cancer you can get yourself and all the 2nd hand smokers. I really wish you get rid of this filthy habit. =]