Aug 1, 2009

Moving to Turkey <3

And OMG I must live in Istanbul !!

After high school, I actually asked mom if I can continue my studies in Istanbul. But she said no, cuz medicine isn't that good there and that I will need at least a year to LEARN TURKISH!! Cuz apperently 40 words isn't enough. Err. Although I can read and write some.

I said ok. I applied here in zft al 6een o studied medicine.

After a year from that, one of my relatives accidently missed applying for university here in Saudi. So her parents allowed her to study in Istanbul. My reaction was: WTF? THAT BITCH! LOL. But she did speak Turkish fluently. " mashallah m7 a7sdha lol" :P :p

Now I'm sentenced to stick here for at least 4 years to finish zft al 6een medicine. And ya Allah I can't stay here any longer. Please ya Allah its eating me alive and that girl in the interview said she's less angry so I must move and be the plesent person everyone whish I would be. Look at my feet even they look hapier there :P :p.


  1. Awww looking at those pictures, making me wanna move there too!

  2. Awh, I'm so glad you liked the interview. Thank you for linking to it and adding me on your blogroll. YAY! You've just displayed the super awesome kind of reader most bloggers would yearn to have!
    *sending you flowers and hugs and fireworks*

    I hope you make it to Turkey. And if Turkish is too tough, you might want to consider India because it has the best medicine schools in the world - من جدّ!- in ENGLISH.

    Obviously, I'm the kind who likes to encourage talented people to move out of Saudi, huh? I'm so evil...Bwahahaha... (¬‿¬)

  3. Oh aren't u the most appreciative person LOL. I loved the interview and I think u r such an inspiration. =]

    Unfortunately I can't go anywhere right now. Life just have to wait. But inshallah one day!

    Thanks for the encouragement XOXO