Jul 30, 2009

Frankly My Dear I don't Give a Damn

Just watched Gone With the Wind for the millionth time. It's my all time fav =] .
Anywho my sis Moon joined me near the ending and I dont know if she forgot it or never really saw it before, but her reaction was: WHAT THE FUCK ? and I went like yeah I know I hate the ending, so stupid but she was a real bitch to him.
Then she said: who cares, eish al nhaya al M3O8AH HADY??
LOOOOOOOOOL I don't know about u but the cracked the hell out of me :p
What do u think about the movie? =]


  1. i forgot all about the ending but all i know is that screwed up my vitals that's for sure... and the girl... what was her name Scarlet ?? yes she's a bitch !!!!! :p