Jul 27, 2009

Life sux YEAH YEAH !!

Made some yummy chocolate pudding today =] .
My friend is having a party this Wednesday. I dont know if I want to go, bs I do know that I CANT!!
Life sux without a driver here in Saudi T_T.
I wanna live somewhere else, where I can drive myself or walk for God sakes. Y dont we have subways like every other country in the world, y dont we use buses like every other fucking place on the planet :S.
Y cant I live in a place where u get to buy the books right after their published and not wait a whole fucking year. Where clothes r here in season and u have all the brands.
Puff. Bottom line is life sux in Saudi Arabia =[
Anywho, there is a little writing competition a medical forum in university is holding. And I want to give it a shot. But the written piece is supposed to be in Arabic.
I wrote this thing about my beloved city Istanbul (dont even think it or I'll hunt u down & kill ya, I dont love it cuz of the stupid Turkish series. It got a part of my soul if u must know) but its kinda of crazy and dark just like my mood LOL. I wanted my friend to read it before I submit it but umm its CRAZY LOL and I dont want to write something else, no time and I just dont feel like it .


  1. walah i always wondering how u gurls can live without driving or even having a license !

    i think they have to look at this issue again and again life changed alot

  2. Still KSA is safer than many places =) Look at the bright side =) But I have to admit that riding on a train in a crowd is so much fun bs you will hate it when it becomes routine!

  3. Oh Mone tell them .. I can't wait till my driver comes back T_T

    C, I don't wanna look at the bright side. This country suck and I love trains and subways they r so much fun, y dont we have'em here? =[

  4. i was once in one of the malls in ksa and i liked a dress and i wanted to try it out and guess what THEY DIDNT HAVE A CHANGING ROOM ya3ne how r u guys supposed to buy something before trying it out that was crazy lol

  5. 1st u buy it, then u try it at home. u like it, keep it. U dont, return it.
    That's how it works here looool :P :p
    But to be fare there r some stores with changing rooms:P

  6. looooooooooooooool smartie that's a nice way to buy a dress :p.. what if u live in albawadi district and u bought the dress from mall of arabia :p.. what r u supposed to do then ?
    he3 he3... anyway as for the drivers...
    u know what did one of the patho docs said about it ?
    she said u can live without a husband in this country, without a lover, without a family, but not without a driver..
    and i always loved.. sorry.. meant ADORED subways and trains and buses :[... why don't we have these stuff :( ??

  7. LOL Fadia 3adi. the process of buying (quoting from a friend): its a process that takes 3 days in Saudi. Day 1: go & c the stuff at the mall. Day 2: buy what u liked. Day 3: return the stuff that didnt look good on u. Done. :p

    Who is this genius doc? Cuz I'm as good as dead without my driver. T_T
    O we dont have these stuff cuz men want to control us completely in this fucking country. And having these stuff will diminish their control. LOL get it ? :P :p

  8. looooooooooooooooooooool
    u're soooo wasted girllll.
    tell me who's ur genius friend who came up with the 3 days shopping thing... hahahahahaha

  9. My high school friend Ghady =]
    u didnt tell who's the doc :@