Aug 8, 2009

My First Surgery

It was RAINING that day in JEDDAH! And we didn’t have classes for 3HOURS!
The girls were either playing in the rain or ditching the university and heading to lunch in that nice, rare weather. That is all except of me, Z, A and G. We went to the hospital. To try to get into a surgery. Hehe.

We got to the surgery ward and talked to the chief surgeon and he said" OK! but you have to change into scrubs. The nurses will kill you if they saw you like this here".
So, we went and wore SCRUBS FOR THE FIRST TIME! YAY. LOL.

In the changing room, I first took off my jeans and shirt than wore the scrubs. Duhh! But when I got out, A was wearing it over her clothes. So I went back and did the same. It was very uncomfortable. I took them off AGAIN! But this time I kept my shirt under the scrubs LOL. When I got out my friends saw me and decided to do as I did, so they went back to change AGAIN!
After we FINALLY all got dressed we took a few pics. Dude it was our first in scrubs XD.

Then we returned to the surgical ward and they gave us INTERNS BADGES! Oh that was awesome. Then a stupid surgeon came and scold us for showing up unannounced and that no one have time to show us around. My response was "m3 nfsk the chief already said yes" << I didn’t really say it of course :P

An anesthesiologist came and showed us around. Then she asked one surgeon if we can watch and he said YES!

It was a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal). It was AMAZING! And less dramatic than regular surgeries- good for first timers.

At one point the doc asked us about the ligaments attached to the gall bladder and we didn’t know the answer. Ouch!
He said:" your third year medical students and you don't know that?! You took Anatomy right?"
We said:" well, we didn’t study it yet. We are in the integrated system and we didn’t take the GIT yet".
He didn’t talk ,ask not even look at us after that. LOL. Shame on us.
To tell ya the truth, if he asked me now after I took it, I still won't be able to answer him. :P
Come on dude ask about something easier. Ligaments ? Nobody remembers them :S

Anywho, we watched the surgery through monitors. He was cutting those ligaments he loves so much and cauterizing the arteries. And it was insane I wanted to yank that laparoscope from his hands and CUT! Awaa I wish I did. It seemed so easy and he cuts so slowly.

Another thing that I loved was the surgical theater. It was brand new, high tech, all touch screens stuffies and gadgets. LOVE!
G kept on nudging me and said " I want to take pics of everything. It's so amazing". I said "are you kidding me they'll kill us and think we are taking pics of the patient".

After an hour and a half, he was finally able to start pulling the gall bladder through the patient's belly button. And let me tell ya that thing looked big in the monitors. So I thought how in the world it will pass through!
But then it did, the gall bladder is out and it looked so small.
Ha? Why was he struggling ?
If it was me I would have pulled it in a sec. LOL :P

Puff. The surgery was over and off we go running to change, then go back to campus and attend a tutorial that has nothing to do with surgery but with a brain surgeon.

Ahh what a day! =]


  1. OMG that was such a nice experience! I guess I would faint before I walk in. I have phobia seeing blood, LOOOL :P

  2. There wasn't a lot of blood and it was like watching TV LOL.