Aug 26, 2009

To Dr. Eihab

Dear Dr. Eihab,

Fuck you! How dare you worthless fucking piece of shit say it was my fault? I was the model patient every orthodontist would love to have. No real work just some little straightening. I came on time every month. I kept my teeth clean. I did everything you fucking wanted me to do. And how do you repay me:

1- You took way too fucking long time to do my teeth. (16 months)

2- You didn't fix them completely.

3- You went on holiday right after you removed it, so I can't come complain about them the next day.

4- When I fucking visited you today -after a month. You fucking said that I miraculously changed them and that I didn't put my retainer the hole time.

Well, Fuck you shit head. I put that fucking retainer all the fucking time, except when I ate of course. And it was you who didn't do he's job. YOU FUCK!

And now you tell me that if I want them perfect I have to put the braces AGAIN! Oh God why? What did I do to deserve this? Oh and you want me to put METAL braces? FUCK YOU! I paid for ceramic you shit head.

Anyway, I'll do it. But you better do it right this time. T_T

And in case you don't know this is how my teeth should look like next time:

Or I'm gonna have to kill ya!

P.S: Dentists are NOT REAL DOCTORS!
P.S.S: I didn't want to use this kind of language in Ramadan but you forced me to.

I want to die. I don't want to put braces again. Ya Allah 3fok o r7mtk. T_T

Note to self: Inshallah when you become a doctor, don't ever be a jerk and admit that you are wrong. We are humans. We make mistakes.


  1. Omg! Now that's a lot of anger. Allah y3eench.

  2. You would be angry too. If your almost 21 and going to put METAL BRACES AGAIN! Err. T_T

  3. BTW GG why don't you have a blog with gossip and stuff?

  4. LOL the swearing reminded me of one of my friends! she talks in the same way lol
    I have braces on from about 19 months but i'm a severe case so i'm being patient .. allah e3eench i know how it's disgusting to have metal in your mouth! but btw the ceramic might look better but it takes longer time than metal braces.. that's what my dentist told me and i believed her coz if anything she wants to make more money and ceramic is way more expensive but yet she told me the real deal.

  5. LOL I already like your friend. :P
    Yeah I know ceramic takes longer, but my dentist told me that its ok, cuz I'm such a minor case. Yeah right then why couldn't you fix them? :@
    I hope we get rid of our braces soon and have million dollar smiles. yaay lol:P

  6. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G
    i don't wanna be like that doc other wise i'm gonna find bloggers who would send anger letters with NAME like u did
    go kill him... i dunno how could he study 7 years in teeth college along with post-graduation programs and he didn't fix ur teeth ? screw him... can't explain my anger the way u did
    good 4 u

  7. Hehe thanks. XD
    He should be very thankful cuz I didn't use his last name and his clinic name. :p

  8. OMG @_@
    that's a shame sentence... loooooooool

  9. يعني محكوم عليه بالعار للأبد