Sep 18, 2010

Vampires Suck

No, I'm not talking about the movie. Though I can't wait to see it.

I am talking about all the little holes and flaws made in the idea of them. Don't get me wrong I love watching True Blood and The Vampire Diaries and I love to think that maybe vampires really do exist -don't you dare make fun of me- but I just can't let go of all the biological crap.
For instance in TVD,when a vamp wants to save a human's life and he feeds him from his blood and then say "it'll pass through your system in a few days". What? How in the world? Last time I checked we human beings do NOT sweat blood and unless you are a woman and will get your period in the next few days, I don't see how this blood will pass through your system. Which then brings us to True Blood, the blood NEVER passes through your system? If you had some of the vamp's blood, you'll always have his blood in you and you'll be connected for life. Dude, red blood cells life span is 120 days. The connection should only last that long, dumb ass.

And another thing what's up with the lame ass vampire always getting the special girl and the HOT, awesome, fantastic vampire always falling in love with her but can never have her cuz he is "bad" and plus she is madly in love with her tormented vamp. But wait a sec why is this vamp so tormented in the first place? I though he has no soul?
And how come vampires' love is so strong and undying? Yet again I thought they had no souls? Are you telling me, that for a love to be true and everlasting it should be soul-less? No, wait. Now I'm confused. What is a soul anyway? I'll Google it.

Plato, drawing on the words of his teacher Socrates, considered the soul as the essence of a person, being, that which decides how we behave. He considered this essence as an incorporeal, eternal occupant of our being. As bodies die the soul is continually reborn in subsequent bodies. The Platonic soul comprises three parts:

  1. the logos (mind, nous, or reason)
  2. the thymos (emotion, or spiritedness, or masculine)
  3. the eros (appetitive, or desire, or feminine)

Each of these has a function in a balanced and peaceful soul.

Shit! I don't care what you say, according to Plato them vampires got souls. Or they are really alive and not dead as they claim? Is being a vamp just another way of being? Which brings me to another flaw in the plot. You say they are dead. Their hearts don't beat. So blood is not being pumped to their organs. But yet they bleed, cry blood, and have erections. Weird. I could let it drop it by saying they maybe are engorged with blood and male vampires are running around with a hard one all night. OK? Seriously vampires suck!

But we still love them xD

Damon Salvatore from TVD. Bless his non-beating heart. In one scene he was reading Twilight and he said they got it all wrong or something. And that's why they suck and don't even qualify to be called vampires.

And an even better reason to love and to forget all about the suckniess

Eric Northman from True Blood. He'll make you want to jump out of your skin

I watch too much TV :/


  1. LOL .. just what I needed to get out of boredom

    yeah I hate it when they do this, torturing the hot vampire for the sake of the good average one. but in the case of Souki, I hate her n' I don't mind her loving Bill lol :P

    after all it's true .. vampires suck, but some how we still love them!
    to me as long as there r hot n' cute I'll always love them :P

  2. Yes, stupid Souki is perfect for stupid Bill. But why do every decent guy in the show have to fall for her? Including Eric? He is waaaaaaaaay to good for her <3

  3. Actually twilight is sucks Big Time :( I have no idea shloon people so into it or even handle of reading the book too

  4. True Blood is... way.... too... R-rated for me =P I watched it with my friend once and I was like OMG!!!!!! Nekkid people!! =P But that Dutch guy, wallah so hot. (astaghfirullah)

  5. Hahahaha, this is one funny post.
    I read Dead Until Dark, the book that True Blood is based on, but I didn't watch the series yet.. I'm considering though. But YES I hated Sookie and hated how cliche-ly all guys fall for her -_-

    We med students should put our geekiness aside when watching or reading sci-fi.. we'll never be able to enjoy it otherwise, lol.

  6. AP, they don't deserve to be called vampires. VERY BAD!

    Shahirah, you can always close your eyes :P

    Hind, LOL yeah when I was telling one of my friends about all these flaws, she said:"Duha, these shows were not meant for medical students". :P

  7. LMFAO

    But in True Blood, they ingest the blood, no? I guess when you DRINK the blood, it does pass your system later on when you pee it out? Like alcohol? *shrug*

    I can't take these vampire shows seriously. But I like the themes that run around the True Blood show. It's a metaphor for how we can all get along with people we are afraid of, or a "kind" of people whose culture we are not familiar with. Racism, stereotyping, etc.

  8. I'm not sure but when they suck the blood directly from the vampire, a never fading connection is established and it's not so when they drink it from elsewhere. Confusing :S

    Yeah, True Blood is much more than the R-rated scenes everyone is caught up with.