Oct 26, 2010

First Oral

Hello, guess what I'm done with my first oral exam since 6th grade. What's an oral exam? Sounds dirty right? It's just me? OK. An oral exam it's when you basically get to play super doctor. You take history from the patient, examine them, order investigations, diagnose them, and then counsel and manage them. ALL in 10 minutes. In all fairness, in this exam we just said the examination we were to perform for the sake of time. But still KTEER!

Anywho, as a regular matter in KAU, we didn't have enough time to study and prepare for the exam so I was very nervous. But al7mdullah the case was easy, asthma, and the examiners were so nice. I think? We will know when I get my marks. :P

My only regrets: I didn't ask about previous hospitalization cuz of an attack and I didn't ask the patient to stop smoking. I'm sure I forgot other things but I don't recall them now. Plus I was supposed to "sympathize" with the patient. But she was an ice queen, showed no emotions what so ever. I can't sympathise with that. Marks on sympathy went down the drains. *pout*

Then the doctor asked me a couple of questions about cases I wrote in my log book. It was umm let's just say I answered some and said I don't remember to a couple. :P

All in all I got a "momtaz" from the doc bs hopefully she meant it.

Tomorrow is the final written so wish me luck. :)


  1. don't worry about being dirty minded.. i realized that i'm just as bad =_=...

    glad it went all okay.. inshallah al written a7san ya rabb

  2. oral exam loool.. sounds funny =p

    hope things went well with ;)

  3. I'm sure you did great! Btw, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!~!~

    How does it feel being a year wiser? ;)

  4. Standy, thanks sweety :)

    Shahirah, thanks hun, Well, I didn't do the OMG-I'M-OLD drama this year. So I guess yeah I am wiser :P