Mar 22, 2009

You Do Count !!

I always wanted to say this to all the people who thinks that they wouldn't matter,
They wouldn’t count,
That there life is just another,
A waste,
A nothing.
If they are a someone!!
Not just any someone.
But that person that everybody knows,
Dreams to be,
Wish to meet,
Envy his life.
I want to tell all of you:
You don't have to be immortalized in history books,
People don’t have to recognize you in the street,
You don't have to be filthy rich,
And you don’t even have to cure cancer to matter.
You just need to touch one soul,
Bring happiness and joy to one person.
Erase a tear and give a warm hug to a one in need.
By that you'll matter much to this person more than you can ever matter to the whole world if you are that someone!!
And then my friend you'll feel. Your life isn’t such a waste after all. =]


  1. Awwww sweetie this is so touchy. Too bad I have kills some part of my senses.

  2. Thank you honey, your so kind. =]
    I'm sure your senses aren't dead, maybe just numb. Wish you all the best XOXO.

  3. wow '9o7a.. never saw that part of you :D
    but i'm sure that u're sweet enough to "not to forget" ur friends.. and i'm even surer :P that nobody is goin to forget u inshallah :D
    nice post dear.. good luck in ur exam :D

  4. Fadia I'm confused why would I forget or be forgotten?
    Thanks good luck to you too XOXO

    Thanks His Sweetheart =]