Mar 5, 2009


Errr I cant sleep. Last week I was suffering from night insomnia. And its driving me crazy. Cuz I have to attend my stupid lectures and labs in the mornings and then I have to study until after midnight. And I don’t have the energy to do either one of them. Which leave me like an idiot, behind in my studies. Which is something so FRUSTRATING!!

I don’t know what's keeping me up all night ? Is it the loud TV and stereo? Or is it the pounding sounds of my endless thoughts?

Those silly stupid thoughts!!

Yesterday I was up all night thinking: is it 7aram to remove the little hairs that are not included in the main bulk of the eyebrows or is it 7alal ? :S
Tell me what do you think? Maybe it’s the right answer. And FINALLY I can sleep tonight. Or maybe I'll come up with another stupid dilemma to think about ALL NIGHT LONG.


  1. If you want to follow religion down to the dot its 7aram cuz its considered "tabaroj" because it accentuate the eyes hence leading men to fantasize etc.. but then non of us do follow religion down to the dot and even the extremly religious women do remove it so I guess its up to you :/

    Hope you sleep better today..

    p.s. I'm an insomniac too and its horrible :/

  2. i feel u @_@.. it's horrible
    gets more horrible when u finally sleep all nightmares come to your head @_@... ehe ehe ehe
    and the hair between ur eyebrows ... i dunno :S.. i remove it @_@
    but i guess it's haram !!

  3. I wouldn't care if its only gonna attract guys..
    there's what prophet Mohammad peace be upon him said: "لعن الله النامصه والمتنمصه"

    Now I'm just wondering: If I am not changing the eyebrow's shape is that OK? mmm

    Thanx FourMe 4 ur comment.. I hope u too sleep well 2night =]

    ahhh its more horrible when u just fell asleep n then boom its time to pray fjir or go to uni :S

    I'm not talking about the hair between the eyebrows.. cuz its 7alal (Dr.Sana Abid said so) n I remove it as well ..
    I mean the hair in the rest of the borders of ur eyebrow (I hope I'm making sense LOL)???

    Thanx Fadiosis XOXO

  4. If you follow the religion strictly it's not allowed. You could bleach it. But I prefer to pluck it all, sometimes I go to the shop and shave and make it a nice shape =P

  5. No bleaching is ugly.If I'm gonna do anything, its gonna be plucking. But I'm still consulting myself:P

    Thanks 4 passing by Zara XOXO

  6. Go to bed early, don't take noon naps and you will sleep sound like a baby :)

  7. I hate sleepless nights, usually when I have a problem I'm sleepless until it's solved, suddenly I sleep like the dead. Drink warm milk a couple of hours before bed, it makes me sleepy even during the day.

  8. Tried that yesterday and it didn't work T_T

    Thankfully I don't need to sleep today cuz tomorrow is my freaky quiz!!

    But thanks for passing by His Sweetheart =]

  9. Does cold milk work too? I'm not a big fan of warm milk.

    I might try it tomorrow night. Thanks for the advise My ♥ Set on U =]