Apr 8, 2010

Law Abiding Citizen

I just saw Law Abiding Citizen. And its Oh emm gee amazing! Got some mixed feelings about it though. So watch out *some serious spoiler alert*

Dear Clyde,

At 1st I was all in with you Clyde. Justice must be served for the sake of your girl and wife. Even when you killed more than the killers, I was OK with that. The corrupted, twisted freaking system NEEDED a lesson! But baby, when I learned that your job was to plan murders for people the government wanted to get rid of, I had a change of heart. It's kinda of hypocritical. And in away what happened to your family was just pay back. But after awhile I changed my mind back, screw the system, everyone who's making it be and you. If not for your daughter and wife, then for the other people that were screwed by this injustice.


So kids the lessons from this movie are:
A) pay back is a bitch.
B) what goes around comes around.
C) do the fucking right thing even if it hurts. You will be rewarded and not be punished. If not in this life then in the after one. The one that counts.

P.S: to the sweeties who tagged me in stuff. I will do it inshallah when I have internet connection again. :)
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  1. oohh that movie is a piece of work !!!
    call me heartless, but i've never enjoyed watching killers killing ppl like i did in this one!
    i think because it was for a reason n really powerful one .. not just killing to have fun n to scare the viewers off, n most importantly, it was all studied n based on scientific facts =]

    of course that doesn't mean i agree on that , coz as u said: '' pay back is a bitch '' n it kills u at the end !

  2. I enjoyed that movie actually !! bs i was like lesh ma yhedhom o 5laa9 rayee7 balek, o btmoot o btchoof ahalek :Pp anyways life's bitch so people are :p

  3. Judy, and oh don't we LOVE scientific facts. Man killing people with super natural intellect is so damn sexy. Hell, doing anything with that and science is freaking sexy.

    AP, nah I disagree. Killing himself is not the answer. Cuz meen 8al eno 7ykoon m3ahom. And there will be no lesson taught, their lives would be a waste and the movie wouldn't be fun :P

    And why are you guys upset that he died? I'm sure he was planing on that at the end. You can't do all this shit and expect to just walk away.

    eshda3wa, Jamie is so HOT. Gerard is what roman sculptures are mad of. <3

    I loved the lessons you gave us, so true :)