Apr 18, 2010

Please Be Straight

For a couple of days now, I was watching Brothers & Sisters. It is a good show after all. But that is not what this post is about.

Noticed Scotty -Kevin's husband. He is so hot, the nicest thing ever and plays a chef. If anyone like that exist, I want him. So I had to google him to make sure he is not really gay. But guess what? He is gay. And the real shocker, guess who's his boyfriend? Wentworth Miller.

That leaves me with my friend's Fadiosis question when she found out the Adam Lambert was gay: Why is all good men gay? *Sigh*

No, come to think of it. I don't REALLY KNOW any gay guys. Except for that one guy that I suspect that he is and he reminds me of monkeys and still I don't know him. So the real question is why do the media make gay guys look so glamorous, cute and extremely nice?

P.S: I was gonna tweet this but it was a bit long, so .. :P


  1. that's SHOCKING !!!!!!!!!!!! O_O
    Wentworth Miller is GAY ?!!!!!!!!
    I dunno about ur guy , but .. but .. i dunno what to say

  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOL. Google my-gay: Luke MacFarlane. He made your-gay gay.

  3. this reminds me of something my cousin once told me. she was n I think she still watching " Brothers & Sisters ". n when I told her that I might watch it too , she told me not to waist my time, coz it's full of gays n lesbians !!!!!! I thought it was just acting not a real thing!!!!!! :S =(

  4. you've been tagged!

    why r ur posts becoming so short? where's the drunky funny girl with long non-boring posts O_O?
    anyhow, why r u all beautiful guys gay? no one knows... but ur other question is a very good one!!! maybe they're assholes :P... and the media make them look good... who knows? LOL

  5. hey sexy cookie, first: Lambert is Bi and not gay. So ur friend still has shot with him. haha

    second: It's not that the media makes them look glamorous, they are already sex personified. oh and I dont think Scotty is hot! he's cute, yes. Hot, I'm sorry but na-2aaah!

  6. heheeeeeeeeeeeee, i don't wanna date him, i think that gay hotties are a waste wallahi :(.. like we need lack of resources anyway!!! huh!!!

    and adam is bi ♥.. that's even more disgusting than being gay :(

  7. Judy, I just started watching the 4th season. And Kevin & Scotty are the only gay couple. To not watch it for this reason, means you should not watch every single TV show.

    Fadiosis, something is wrong with your blog. The font is too big.
    My posts are becoming shorter cuz I became a twitter addict. Which means I have to condense my thoughts in a very small number of words :P

    Sexy Skittles, sexy cookie sounds more appealing than smart. I think I'm gonna change my name LOL.
    And really he's bi? Where did you hear him say that?

    Second: I'm not talking about the sex appeal. They make them look like very nice and good people. I think they want to change how people think about them. The your-gay-your-gonna-go-to-hell-no-matter-what picture.

    And yes at first glance you would think Scotty is only cute. But when you see him in a towel only you'll get the hotness.

  8. co0kie ya galbi.. messed up explorer... i dunno what happened... it just refuses to show my blog in its beautiful view :S... and that's why the font is horrible huge :S.. uughhhh... never mind..

    if ur posts will continue to be this short then i'll stop commenting >>> a7la ya tahdeed (H)..
    seriously... become a twitter addict when u're twitter... but here stay smart co0kie with the long posts :D

  9. no bl3aks in general gays are pretty sweet and nice people ever unlike real guys cause they are sensitive like us and really understand how women feel inside, and I used to meet lots of gays o mashalla very sweet and kind hearted o la handsome and body masculine:( so it's not about media thingy , it's how they are.

  10. LOL! I say go for sexy cookie!

    My baby sis is like Ohhh-myyy-GOD when it comes to Lambert. She's a teen so wut ya gonna do about that? anyhoo, she told me he's bi, but i just searched it and they claim that he's gay but only kisses girls for publicity and to appeal to a larger audience. wut a douche!

    hahaha! anything with a six pack, a towel and only a towel is hot. and yummy. and sexy. and HAWT! hahahahahahahhaha

  11. I thought it's all about gays n lesbo., so I told my self: " maybe that's y they named it " Brothers n Sisters " " !! :P I wouldn't bother n watch it f it's like that .. i'm simply not interested in them. n I refuse to sympathize with them !
    but f it's a minor addition like in DHWs, 90210, ER & this show ur talkin' about, then it's fine with me as long as it's not all about them.

    but I'm not in the mood for new TV shows. :S maybe in the summer.

    n btw, I liked ur pinky design more .. beside this one .. but i think the brown theme fits ur nickname verry much =)

  12. LOL Fadiosis 5oftiny. Next post inshallah, it will be the tag and will blab until you scream ENOUGH! :P

    AP, well good to know. But it makes it even more sad. Cuz there are a few good looking, nice guys out there. And when those few take from themselves, that will lead to even fewer for us women. :/

    Sexy Skittles, yeah I thought he just kisses girls for publicity. Cuz then he'll keep the female fans on their toes "Oh God plz let him be Bi" as one of my friends wishes LOL.

    Judy, yeah it is like 90210 and all the rest.
    My name is starting to bug me. It is not about me loving cookies. I don't know what design to choose. I wish I could make my own.

  13. O M G

    Wentworth Miller is gay? O M G