Apr 19, 2010

My Top Ten Reads

I was tagged by my friend Fadiosis, to write about my top ten books. And boy what a hard job that will be. First, because I don't know which are my top ten. Second, I think a person is somewhat defined by what he/she reads and likes, so here comes the pressure. And yes, if you don't read your somewhat empty.

I won't list them as to which is the best and so forth. I will list them randomly as which comes to my head first. So here we go,

My Friend Leonard. I am in LOVE with James Frey. This book made me feel. I was sad when James was sad. I cried when he did. I wept and gasped for air when he did. I smiled, I laughed, I felt depressed, lost hope, all when he did. I felt it then a heart beat after I read him feeling it. For me that is the ultimate definition of good writing.
Plus I fell in love with and started using the word "Fuck". LOL

P.S to Oprah: so what he lied and said it really did happen. He's an amazing writer and that all what counts. :P

روضة المحبين و نزهة المشتاقين لإبن قيم جوزية
This is one of the very few Arabic books I have ever read. I didn't buy it. I don't know who put it in my room. But I was bored so I just grabbed it and *puff* all the satisfying answers my teenage-confused brain needed to know about love. This book is a MUST read to everyone who is -like me- do not understand others obsession with love and a MUST to those who are obsessed with it and truly know nothing about it. So basically its a must for everyone.

A Prisoner of Birth by Jeffrey Archer. This book is just cheer brilliance. I love love love it.

Kane & Abel, another master piece by Jeffrey and I must say I HATE Abel!

The Prodigal Daughter. This is the sequel of the previous. I read it a few months after. It is really amazing but he just kept repeating a lot of things that happened for the readers who haven't read the first. So it kinda pissed me off. Other than that it's a master piece.

Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. Sick, entertaining, amazingly written and alpha 5 reductase deficiency. Enough said.

Angels & Demons. Everyone must have a favourite Dan Brown. The science, the art, the thrill. What's not to love?

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. While reading it, at first I was very confused. The plot was like nothing I ever read. I'm not even sure there was a plot and I kept asking myself who is the freaking heroin? But then I semi got it and gave in. At the end it all sunk in and I knew I was reading something that is written by a genius. I even got goosebumps.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling. If only she did not kill my beloved Snape *weeps*.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. This also made me feel. I have said enough about it here.

*Traaa* I'm done. xD

I tag: Bookworm, Another Penelope, Skittles, Candy, Shahirah Elaiza , and who ever feels like doing it. =]


  1. i love your list.. when i finish i must go back here to read those... and harry potter... uuughh... i wanna buy the whole series coz i forgot the events and i hate the movie!!!! it's like attending the lab without the lecture!!!

    anyhow.. what do u mean with alpha 5 reductase deficiency :\ ???

    and what a favorite dan brown :S ? obsessed with film?? ish daaa ??

  2. Well, thank you dear. =]
    The main character is a hermaphrodite because he has alpha 5 reductase deficiency.

    LOL eish what? I'm not obsessed with the film. I actually hated it. Though the book was excellent.

  3. ma fhemt al 9oora.. am i being retarded walla r u being 9a3ba O_O ?

  4. THANK YOU!!! for a moment I wanted to check a doc :p

  5. Wow impressive! :) I wanna read the kite runner! When I finish my school books :p

  6. ohDear, do school books ever finish? jam it in between them. It's an amazing book. =]

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  8. hey smart cookie :)
    nice blog u have here. ur favorite reads are also interesting. u like diversity I suppose. u have art, science, drama, fiction and philosophy too. I like ur choices. gives me the feel that one can know the surroundings just by opening books, flipping a page after a page with a cup of tea in one hand. =]

    I think I'll be visiting u every once in a while .. so keep the good work up and enjoy what left of the spring break =)

  9. ooh wanasa a7eb chthy book thingies :D wedi agrah el middlesex sounds dark to me ^_^ thanks for sharing and tagging me :D

  10. Hey Secret Closet, thanks for your lovely words. Visit again soon. =]

    AP, well, it's not really dark. But tell us what you think when you read it. Looking forward for your list. =]