Apr 15, 2010

A Pickle

Do you know that theory or fact or whatever, that when a person pops up in your head out of no where it means he/she is thinking of you? So I was thinking how could you really truly know that he/she started the thinking, not you?
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  1. i wouldnt think abt it for too long

  2. I was thinking about that too hmmmm

  3. ya right .. i think i just soppuse am the smart 1 who thinks more .. so thats why i start the thinking .. you are a thinker .. she/he is not .. so you feel good about it .. right ?

  4. Maybe you started thinking of each other at the same time?

    Somehow I kinda believe in this... like my sister gets the vision of a person in her head... and a few days later she'd hear from him or her. And when I miss someone but I don't say it loud, the person will actually end up back in my life.

    The universal law of attraction, perhaps? Your thoughts bring what you want closer to you...

  5. Cookie, why be confused and confuse others along the way? just chew the pickle and swallow it. @@

  6. i would hurt my head thinking of it... i would make scenarios O_O..
    btw... what's with the tiny font???
    nice template though... i miss u *hugs*

  7. eshda3wa, I can't not think :/

    AP, hmm?

    Love Maniac, no I don't feel good. Who said they aren't a thinkers too. And yes I think alot but not about the people themselves. It's more of feeling-thinking and it is not like me. So, maybe I wasn't the one who started the thinking?

    Shahirah, I like what you said. But who started the thinking and led to the attraction? It is like: which came first the egg or the chicken?

    Skittles, oh I am chewing it hun. Just can't swallow the damn thing.

    Fadiosis, I know it's such a brainer. :S
    How can I fix the font? I miss you too *hugs back*

  8. go to "edit HTML" page and play with the fonts' sizes. ummm... we can work on it later... btw.. maybe it's because the template is 2 columns and they're tinyyyy :S :S ... and another btw.. :p.. i love the new template!! but for some reason i think cookies work better for u !!