Jan 13, 2010

The Kite Runner

Overwhelming. It's the best & first word that comes to my mind when I think of it. It consumed my soul, left me exhausted but wanting more. I might not sound sane in the last sentence, but that's how I felt. This book hit a cord in me. A very deep one.

I loved the story, the depth, the writing style, the twists, the drama, the irony and Afghanistan. I simply almost loved everything about it. It's a must read and definitely joining my favorite-books-list.

Now for some crazy talk: *Spoiler Alert*
  1. Amir in away reminded me of Chuck Bass. Both of their moms died at child birth and they are insecure when it comes to proving themselves to their fathers. But of course my Chucky, would never betray his friends. He's always the hero saving the day- y5ty 3lih LOL. And what's up with writers always killing the rich kid's mother at child birth? It also happened to Abel's mom from Kane & Abel, by Jeffery Archer. And many others I can't recall. Maybe its to balance things up, you have money and all the crap it can buy, but you can't have the most precious thing: your mom. Drama, drama.

  2. I could relate to Amir's dad not wanting the Russian doctor to treat him. You see Uyghurs too lived through a war with Russia and I hared all about it from my grandmother -Allah yr7mha- which she heard about it from her parents. But she never really saw Russians. So once, the Russian circus was in town & we told her we are going. Even though she was sick and couldn't walk she insisted on going just to see those people she learned to hate.
  3. Amir's dad is an ass hole. There is no excuse for hiding that major, important fucking fact! He stole their rights to the truth. Amir's right to be a decent person and Ali's birth rights.
  4. I LOVED : "They only let you be this happy if they are preparing to take something from you" Amir's mom.

  5. The ending was good but kinda lame.

Can't wait to read A Thousand Splendid Suns. But I have my finals in less than 2 weeks and I HAVE TO STOP SLACKING & STUDY!!

P.S: I don't hate Russians I think they are hot. And besides the ones who killed and destroyed are long dead now.


  1. I'm so glad you liked it! I felt the same way when I read it. Intoxicating and really makes you think.

    There's a quote of Amir's father that I can't remember word for word..but its about stealing and how thats the worst crime. How if a person kills another he steals that person's right to live with his family, etc. Quite ironical that the man who said that stole his sons' lives in a way by not telling them the truth.

    Have you seen the movie yet? it's also amazing :) thank god they didn't ruin it!

  3. I've read it too. its one of my favourate <3
    his style of writing is amazing mashallah

    Good luck babyeeeeh in ur finals..

  4. I liked it too, but liked A Thousand Splendid Suns even more. let us know when you read it

  5. very touching thanks for sharing and spoiling the story:Pp

  6. Bookworm, when I read that quote, I though wow how profound. This man is great. But after I knew the truth, I though what a hypocrite.

    Bliss, I didn't want to see the movie, but since you say its amazing I will. =]

    Candy, aww thanks babe XOXO.

    Faith, now I'm more excited. =]

    AP, LOL. Your supposed to not continue reading when you see *spoiler alert*. Try to forget what I wrote and then read it.