Jan 13, 2010



I'm kinda pissed (tell us something new), but at 1st I didn't want to write about it, cuz I didn't want to hurt some peoples feelings. Since some of whom I know personally read my blog without even telling me. BTW I hate that.
But now I changed my mind. After all this is my outlet, bitching site and elly 3la raso b67ah y7sis 3liha.

person 1:
  1. The fact that I recently became feisty and loud ,doesn't mean I'm a bad person. No body thought that and you didn't have to bring it up in the 1st place and not in a way like your defending me in the 2nd. While in reality every sane person can see that you were trashing me.
  2. When I told my mom how bad I feel cuz I became so loud and how your complaining, she told me "but your not loud and angry at home". Then I came to think about it and its true, I'm not a loud person and definitely not an angry one. My old friends used to get really surprised when I raise my voice and get mad. True when I'm really mad, all hell's doors are open, but that's rare.
  3. Hmm it sounds to me like YOU bring the worst in me.
  4. I still like you my friend XOXO.

person 2:

  1. I think your full of hot air.
  2. You act like OMG your so yaaaay but you look nothing like it.
  3. lets just stay nice class mates, don't push yourself on us.

Umm those are the 2 annoying me today. Maybe on Saturday some more will appear. Hope not.


  1. Hehe good, let it out :P Hate fakers!

  2. yeaaah right did u hear that? Shes not loud okaay? and Person 2 ur NOTHING like it like ZERO THING !!

    hehe that was fun! LOL

  3. C, it feels good. =]

    Even Sweeter, LOOOOOOOOL it is fun :P

  4. so they are reading this?
    a7san.let them know ur feelings =D

  5. mmm looks like you and I are in the same situation, wait are u surrounding with mean people?:P

  6. Hope you're feeling better now!

    Friends sometimes act in ways that makes us wonders why we befriended them in the first place. But then again, those who stand by us when we need them are the 'true' ones.

  7. LOL Candy, even if they aren't, I sent this to person 1. I don't give a fuck about 2 to let her know how I feel.

    AP, duhh :P

    Bookworm, al 7mdullah it's the weekend I'm away from them.
    Your right. And sometimes you know they aren't true but you stick with them cuz they are better than hanging out with yourself. :S

  8. LOL
    well ur cute when you're pissed ;b

  9. "I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."
    � Marilyn Monroe

    this lovely quote is dedicated to you.. u didn't open a blog to shut the hell up... u opened to bitch about everything u can't bitch about in real life...
    and seriously... take it out girl.. don't stress urself.... curse whoever u want... whenever u want... even if it's me.. but don't use names :P....
    mwaaah ♥

  10. Faith, I'm always cute :P

    Fadiosis, wow I just twittered that quote 2 days ago and sent it to my BB friends. Great minds think alike *wink wink*. And thanks babe XOXO.