Jan 19, 2010

My Best Friend Rihanna

It's true. According to last night's dream, me & she are besties. :S

*WARNING* This is the weirdest dream EVER!

I was in AL-Kuwait with my friend Z and we were just about to go have fun & we were going to a club or something and then I saw this dude from uni looking at us & then he entered a club. We followed him in. And OMG it's not a club. It's fucking Jeddah & we are in the 2nd floor hospital auditorium LOL.

It's not enough that we are in the hospital. No I found out that we have an exam (7mass). The place was crowded with boys & girls. And OMG Rihanna was singing on stage. She finishes her song & go upstairs to where I was sitting. No one pays attention to her except me. I go to her and ask if I could have my picture taken with her. She says yes. I set next to her and she tells me to show my teeth when I smile. And oh she has braces too LOL. Then we start gossiping & laughing so hard. The girls gave us the stink eye & they boys were so jealous.

Then there were some doctors on stage reviewing some information with the students before the exam. I wanted to listen to what they were saying but the bitch won't shut up. At first I try to listen to her & to them but I can't and I'm missing on a lot. Then every thing was a blur, I can't remember. But next thing we were having an ugly fight. Why? LOL

What's your latest weirdest dream?



    Well I guess any dream I had compared to this one is NORMAL!

  2. one day , i was hilary's duff and ashlee simpsons' BEST FRIEND ! we danced in a crazy way in car while they were driven' me Home ;p

    so , 3ade

  3. Faith, see Dreama's dream. I'm normal LOL.

    Dreama, bs my best friend is better than your best friends :P

  4. Thaaaats's ... hmmm cool ?? :p

    funniest dream i ever read ;p

    keep on dreaming of celebrates then one night u will dream of ur fav/ ;p hehehehe

  5. yeah, rihanna's really the best!!

  6. LOL!
    HILARIOUS! "The bitch won't shut up" Ahahaha I can't stop laughing xD
    I guess the friendship isn't a lasting one :P

    Thanks for making me laugh! <3

    ... I always have weird dreams... come to think of it, I don't remember a normal dream..but خليني ساتره على نفسي :Pp

  7. I was married to Dean (of supernatural). yes, that's how hot he is! I had a dream that i'm married to DEAN! *sigh* if only that wud come true.. hahahaha