Jan 8, 2010

The Time Travele's Wife

Yesterday I saw it and all I could think of is: where is my time traveler?
I don't wanna be the time traveler, cuz I don't like the idea of suddenly finding myself naked in an unknown place. But a cute dude coming out of nowhere, that is very fine & welcomed by me LOL.

Oh its so cute but also so sick.I don't think that people who didn't like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button will like this one.

I loved the movie and I really wished I read the book first.


  1. I love Benjamin button movie, I got touched for some reason so I bet I'm gonna love this movie too.

  2. I haven't seen it yet, and I didn't like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button coz it was boring,but I'll give it a shot.

    mashallah daily updates *cross fingers*

  3. I really want to watch the movie! but i'm going to have to wait a little, i need to read the book first :)
    Every time i watch the trailer i get excited even more!!

  4. LOOOL I dont wanna appear somewhere naked as well, its really annoying and scary! Btw I like Benjamin Button and this movie, very artistic :)

  5. AP, I bet you will. =]

    Candy, LOL no it wasn't boring. You were just sleepy when you watched it. :P

    Bliss, yes wait don't do my mistake.

    C, LOL love your taste in movies. =]

  6. I LOVED the book, and wasn't thinking of watching the movie, but I'm reconsidering now!

    Haven't watched Benjamin Button, but I read the short story (its by f.scott fitzgerald). I think you'll like reading it ;)

  7. I think you should watch Benjamin Button, it's awesome. And I think I will read the short story. =]

  8. finally.. I saw it .. I watched the whole movie !
    n guess what .. I kinda like it !! don't ask me y .. but I can tell u Eric Bana has it's effect on me. ;P

    but the thing I don't get n I don't like in the same time is when he gets to stop traveling ?? I thought when he dies this thing will stop too .. but the ending was the other way round.
    I kinda liked the ending coz it's sort of a happy ending n I like happy endings =). but it made me wondering y he still traveling.
    any way , I think at this point " The Curious Case of Benjamin Button " is better , coz the end was quite reasonable n satisfying.

  9. Ya mo5, he did those trips to the future when he was alive.