Feb 13, 2010

Screw the Beast. Where Is My Frog?

Hello peeps. Miss me? Cuz I sure do miss ya all. :)

I just saw the Princess and the Frog. And oh how I'm in love with prince Naveen. I know perfect timing. It's Valentines day.

He's soooooo cute, charming and adorable. Even as a FROG! Those eyes aww! Prince Beast please step aside your not my number one Disney prince anymore.

You must see the movie. It's so funny and cute. Ohhh Naveen please be true :P

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  1. Happy Valetine Day ;*

    May naveen turn into a real valantino ;p

  2. My sister's going wacko! and she didn't even watch it ;s
    Is it ok if a 11 yold child watched it ? << she's being responsible(A)

  3. I watched it with my nieces, but didn't finish it til the end. I LOVED IT!! it was so fresh!! thank god it was 2D!

    And Madness, being responsible after the incident with The House Bunny! ahahahahha

  4. Happy Valentines Day hun! LOOOL Prince Naveen sounds like an Indian name :P I was kinda annoyed when I first watched it but he is sweet :P

  5. if only we had more frogs in the world! hhahaha

  6. I Want to see that movie so badly!! I wanna fall in love today too (: and get in the mood with the froggy

  7. Ohh Ive been meaning to watch that movie. 7amasteeni! :)

  8. Candy, amen! :)

    Madness, LOL mashallah ya responsible enty. Don't worry it is originally meant for children.

    Bliss, you must finish it. He says something at the end that makes me melt. bliss him LOL.

    C, why were you annoyed? He's soooo cute <3

    SKITTLES, Ahh if only.

    Imma, get in the mood with something els. The frog is MINE! :P

    Bookworm, it's a must. =]

  9. Happy Valentines Day Cookies :D welcome back

  10. New to your blog. nice. I wanna see this movie! it looks really cute! LOL