Feb 19, 2010


Tomorrow, back to depression land. A new semester and I'm so not excited.
Still somehow we manage to smile. Check out this video, it's amazing.

It was made for the 7th GCC, which was hosted in KAU. I didn't attend so I can't say how it went. But yay to my friends who made it happen. =]

Good bye break. You were GREAT. I'm gonna miss you. T_T

Oh and check out this. Not the greatest vocals nor looks but still cute song. Gotta love this girl.


  1. Nice video, i really liked it :)
    A new semester, let's make it a fresh new start for us!! let's be optimistic for once!

    And Leighton Meester's video isn't that bad, i love it when she says je t'adore <33

  2. have a happy new semester <3

    Leighton,that girl rocks, whether in acting or in singing!!

  3. Bliss, hehe sorry but can't be optimistic when my day starts from 9 a.m and ends 5 p.m.

    Candy, thanks babe. Yeah she rocks <3

  4. awal ma shft el video 5laa9 wedi a9eer doctoraa:( 3jeeb el fekraa bs e7m i bet ur one of them:P yalla which one is u?:Pp and I love this song !!

  5. LOL no I'm really not. Asmaa took my picture, but what I did with my face doesn't qualify as a smile. Cuz I didn't wanna smile cuz of the braces, so .. :P

  6. sooo unfair ay w7da feehom :Pp? I know ur one of them:P:P << '3a9eb y3ni! btw most of guys there are hotties:P

  7. Happy new semester =D
    wish u all the best
    btw i like the video


  8. AP, LOL 5la9 pick one of the girls and that would be me :P

    Mone, thank you sweety. Wish you the same XOXO.