Feb 25, 2010

7 Minutes in Heaven

Tagged by: Bliss

"The challenge is to tell 7 things about yourself, and then challenge 7 people to do the same."

  1. I'm a bitch and I have no tolerance for stupidity or lack of morals.

  2. I used to have a GREAT voice but sadly I lost it. And my old friends still want me to be a rock star and pursue singing as a career. Hear me now I say.

  3. One of the reasons why I entered medical school is because I said I would when I was in the 7th grade.

  4. I had 3 near death experiences and once I almost lost one of my eyes.

  5. I have a cat named CoOkie. She hates me.

  6. I hate shoe shopping.

  7. Asking me to draw or do crafts is the best way to torture me!

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  2. Your cat is adorable! i've always wanted a cat, but my younger brothers are allergic to them.

    I wanna hear your voice ;)

    Thanks for tagging me :*

  3. Whoa! you seem like a very tough girl! lol
    Your cat is BEAUTIFUL mashallah!!!
    And shoe shopping is so much fun! I can't believe you hate it!

  4. I know why u hate shoe shopping,coz it needs tieing the shoe and wear it again, not to mention to knee when ur in the chair,long process that u hv to do it in every store you go to till you find the one you like :P

    allaaaaaaah!! a7eb il kittens <3 so CUTE!!
    meee want ><"

  5. I don't normally say this, but your cookie is cute..(I 'almost' have 'cat phobia :o)

    lol, I used to hate shoe shopping cuz I'd have such a tough time finding something I like. Not anymore tho ;)

    Thanks for the tag!

  6. Madness, your welcome babe. And sweets my voice SUCK BIG TIMES now. Believe me you don't want to hear it.

    Bliss, no it's not fun. All the beautiful shoes are high heels. And I prefer flats. And they don't make'em cute enough. It's so tiring and frustrating to find an awesome pair. =[

    Candy, LOL no that's not why I hate it :P
    Come on do the tag.

    Bookworm, glad you over come the shoe-shopping-hatred. =]
    Can't wait to see your 7 things. =]

    And to all of you, my cat really appreciate your kind words. And think you girls are cute too XOXO.

  7. 1) I love that ;)

    how come u lost ur diva voice?:o

    a7la shay shoe shopping:P mn 9jj

    ooh shl cat hatha ya la6eeef hates u b3aad:P

  8. Awwwww cute kitty!!!
    Hahha I love the directness at #1. it's always nice to know who you are ;p. So have you grown fond of medical school after you entered it? :p Marra a7is lazim te7ibin medicine because of the time it consumes from you.

    Awesome tag and awesome facts about your self (:

  9. AP, I don't know I just lost it =[
    LOL your the only one who saw the evil in CoOkie's eyes.
    Your welcome sweets XOXO.

    Athoug, LOL yeah see I'm a bitch and I'm proud =]

    The truth is I hate MY medical school. KAU sucks. I'm sure their plan is for us to commit mass suicide. b3 3la meen LOL. But al 7mdullah I'm in LOVE with medicine. And no matter how stressful it is, I wouldn't want it any other way. =]

    Thanks awesome girl XOXO.

  10. i thought u wouldn't tag me :p
    i'd probably kill u ... hehehehehheehe
    nice sevens and the best LOOOOOOOOOL the reason u chose medschool >>>> a77777la ya gaweyaaaaaaa (H) !!
    and #7 *evil laugh* thanks for telling us :p

  11. LOL you gotta do what you said your gonna do. And it's only one of the reasons. :P

    Remember when you gave me the link to that drawing book? I wanted to die. And I only downloaded it for you but never really opened it.

  12. oh i hate cats.They always scare me :S

    nice facts and we've to hear your voice ;P

  13. It seriously amazes me how some people are afraid of cats? They are supper cute <3

    LOL and FS if you want to hear my voice, then put on American Idol's auditions and listen to a really crappy, tone deaf girl and that is how I sound :P