Jun 26, 2010

Girls Night Out

Yesterday I went out with 2 of my football-Portugal-Cristiano-fans-friends to watch what other than the match between Brazil and Portugal. We went to Campioni Sports Cafe. It's a hot exclusive spot to watch the world cup here in Jeddah. Definitely a must go for you football freaks. Though you must buy your tickets a few days before the match you desire to watch that is if you don't want to shed sweat blood and tears to get it, like we did.

We painted our faces in red and green in solidarity with Portugal. Most of the people there were Brazil fans except a bunch of women in the ground floor that kept screaming with US. The screaming is very confusing. The guy who was rooting for Brazil kept screaming out of terror and sometimes joy and we would get confused as to if we saw something different. Plus that dude brought his kids and dressed them all in Brazil shirts. A sight very sore to the eye. Then there was the not so sore, yummy bunny Cristiano *sigh*. He looked so CUTE. But he did get on our nerves a little bit. Why doesn't he chase the fucking ball? He gives up so easily. At least that's what we think. I don't think he should have been awarded Man of the Match. But hey he's happy, I'm happy. xD

More pictures here.

Fun facts about the menu, they have a hookah named after Cristiano. Shitty thing I don't smoke that thing. Why couldn't they make him a desert so I would eat him? *pout*
And the food was named after football teams. Real Madrid was basal pasta. I wasn't in the mood for it and I'm not that obsessed with Cristiano so I passed. I got an AC Roma burger which I'm not sure if it's a combination between AC Milan and AS Roma? Or if there is actually a team called that? :/

Pity we can't go watch Germany kicks England's ass tomorrow cuz we must study for our fnals. Or maybe it's a good thing? Cuz both of my friends are with England and we are very hot blooded people, whom takes football VERY seriously. And Obviously our friendship is much more important :P

Good luck Germany. Make me proud boys XOXO.


  1. :S i don't like football but i liked your post
    BTW that Cristiano guy is not so handsome up close :/

  2. LOL Thank you. He is not handsome per say. He is just one cute, hot bulk of muscle. xD