Jun 13, 2010

Imma Be

You know how you shouldn't allow kids to watch everything on TV cuz they will want to fly like Peter Pan and shoot each other? Yeah, I too should not be allowed. Why? I watch The Vampire Diaries and suddenly I want to be a vampire and I need to watch Twilight to kill that stupid fantasy. I watch Glee and boom I want a glee club at my university. Even though I can't sing. So You Think You Can Dance and I'm more realistic here, I just want to be more flexible. I watch the Olympics and man how much I want to be the first Saudi Olympian woman who brings the gold. I still want that. I have wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, mutant from X-men, cat woman, Lady Gaga and even wanted to get my own Pokemon. Never really wanted to be a gossip girl though.

My latest wanna be is a football player. Guess why? xD
But I don't want to play with the girls. Super lame. I want to play with the big boys and at the world cup only. I'll settle with being a goal keeper, since I don't want to be smashed. And as it happens to be I'm an excellent goal keeper or so I have been told.

Delusions aside, I came up with a more proper way to make my dream of playing with the hot, sweaty guys come true. I'll get into sports medicine. Ahh I can picture it already. *day dreams*

Now let's talk football, I am not cheering for a particular team. Cuz our fucking awesome Saudi team is not in. I decided to cheer for the cutest team playing every match. Super stupid girl attitude. But I'm doing it. Another thing, girls if you don't care about the world cup, don't pretend that you do. It annoys the fuck out of me. And no, my super-stupid-girl attitude is not the same, cuz I actually love sports. And if your not into the world cup and you are going all guys are stupid why are they into this shit and joining anti-world-cup clubs then you are coco. I advise you to keep it to yourself. Cuz who wouldn't want to see a bunch of hot, competitive guys making sports history? It gets your blood pumping while you are sitting in the comfort of your chair. Don't be offended. Do I sound bipolar? I'm just very disappointed. Algeria lost and broke my heart. Stupid Idiot goal keeper. Speaking of stupid idiot goal keepers, England's Green, tops the list.

See? I think they should seriously consider getting me.


  1. Hahaha! You're funny babe!

  2. I have a problem with that, whenever I watch tv movies or series , I just wanted to be like them,now I'm being Marie Antoinette, I get affection and influence that fast, Help :(:p LoL Football never thought of being one, girl ur unique of that way, btw I love ur new template and colors!

  3. LOOL .. same same here XD

    n for ( so u think u can dance ) i got my chance at my bro.'s wedding, wasn't that good ,but it was fun, n i got to dance something other than Arabic dance in front of other ppl .. beside, i learned some new moves n i discovered a side i didn't know it is existed in me.

    although i didn't like glee, but i think i would join such a club if they found one in our university :P .. after all .. i don't wanna all my bath practice to go away ... lool

    the most thing i ever wanted to experience , to live , to feel .. is the rule of being rescued ... ahh .. i know that may sound ridiculous, but it's a fantasy that i don't know how to kill !! so where r u my knight? lool
    i actually had a dream of that one night when i was a lil gurl .. n i liked it! it wasn't enough though X)

  4. C, hope your laughing with not at me :P
    Hey, where did your blog go?

    AP, nah not unique in this department. Football is all what me and my bestie can talk about these days. Thanks. :)

    Ghada, that's not even remotely close to their dancing :P
    LOL ya bnty your prince mwjood xD

  5. LOOOL .. n how would he rescue me .. ha?!
    I can only think of a medical answer .. n i certainly don't want that :P

  6. damnit we SHOULD have a Glee club!!

  7. I'm laughing with you sweetie :D I changed the URL and make it private because of those stalkers :( Send me an email, I will invite you, my email is katkootah@live.com

  8. Ghada tell you what, next time he's around I'll attack you with a scalpel and he'll come rescue you. OK?

    Souma, auditions will be held from 10-12 tomorrow in the auditorium.Be there.

    C, :D

    AP, LOL whatever you say :)

  9. LOOL ..OK!!
    I doubt though, maybe he'll ignore me just like i did lool

  10. Then the scalpel will be turned on him :P