May 27, 2010

MTV True Life - Resist the Power

I know this is probably the hundred and one post you read today about the episode. But I just wanted to write what I thought. But I think you should watch it here before reading.

First of all, Jeddah is so not photogenic. It's a big desert, the colors are so meh and the normal houses architecture is blah. But it is really not that bad with the naked eye. Or is it? It's embarrassing.

Second, I personally do not mind the idea of the show. Some would say they have no right showing our dirty laundry to the out world but the fact of the matter is they might actually have improved the image a little bit. It's like we are more than this one stereotype. I don't feel like elaborating on how bs I hope you get my drift?

Now I'm gonna talk about the youth who they interviewed. Aziz, dude you are a LOSER! If that girl REALLY wanted to meet you, she would have went out herself to bring you inside the mall. And when you went in and she didn't show up and then broke up with you the same day, you wanna know why she did that? It is because she saw you. Thought you were a big disappointment, so she decided to cut her losses and dump your sorry ass. And you talking about stupid dating on TV is not going to improve our society in any way shape or form. So get a life.

Ftimah, I like you I really do. But you are not the one introducing colored abayas to the society. Women wore them when I was in the 6th grade. But the colors were ugly back then so the trend faded away. But now it's making a come back and I'm loving the colors.
I have one that have a colored side and a black side, which I can wear both ways. Mine is TOO colourful so its hard for me to wear the colored side as much as I want. People do stare much. I hope colored abayas become more of a norm here. Cuz black ALL the time is so depressing and not summer friendly.
I loved when she rode the bike. Me and my mom are in love with motor bicycles but being females in this society, we never get to ride them. So I told mom once, that I'm going to dress as a dude and do it, I just needed the motor bike. So she was like "marry a guy who has one and do it or we'll go to Italy and ride vespas together". I'm more with the second choice. xD

Ahmed, is simply great and should be a role model to other Saudi guys.

The metal band, I know this band LOL. My friend posted pictures from one of their gigs on facebook. WOW alot of Saudi guys are into metal music. Personally I don't get it, cuz I hate it. It's too loud and messy for my taste. But the fact that they write their own lyrics and are introducing it to this music's Muslims fans is a great thing. Cuz he said they don't mention religion. And the real metal music is really a satanic worshipping music. So yay.

I really pity our people. This country closes every window for the people to be creative and to express themselves. Whether it is the color of a girl's abaya or the type of music one wants to play. I really hope this show opens up our eyes and let us acknowledge our problems. So then we could work on them.


  1. this aziz is a piece of shit .. no the whole pile of shit .. and the guy know nothing in English except for cursing and bad language .. i wounder do girls like this type of gu.. i mean shit?

  2. Like? It's more like LOATH! Seriously if this guy thinks that he's improving his dating life by being in this show then he's VERY WRONG! He'd better walk with a plastic bag over his head.

  3. Ahmad and Fatima have some real issues that we as a society can or should work on and pay a closer attention to them.. specially Ahmad.

    5alleney afa9fe9 showayya..
    Ahmad: I liked the way he looked.. specially ( Al-3omama ). made him look so mature and a man of credibility. so noble from him to think like that and for wanting the change n working for it ..not so many ppl would do what he has just done.
    I can only pray for him to continue what he started and for God to be with him in every step he steps for the sake of our good! =)

    although, I would have preferred for them in the future to expand more and listen to women from different slices of society not only those of business.. coz God only knows what they really want .. the sake of all Saudi women or just theirs!!

    Fatima: I held this idea in mind for sooo long time .. n I was quite convinced that colored Abaya shouldn't be forbidden as long as they fulfill the right conditions .. it shouldn't be soo different from that when I go to other countries n wear colored Abaya n nobody would think i'm some kind of a whore or a cheap bitch! No body said it should be black .. i can wear whatever color I want, but i think it shouldn't be an absolute freedom of colors , coz some colors r attractive by nature n it would make ppl stare at u most of the time which could be uncomfortable in my opinion.

    when it comes to metal music .. to make the long story short .. I don't imagine my self - not now not ever - supporting this kind of music at all!!! .. I have lots of reasons , the most important of which is music in general is forbidden -this is first- n f some body wants to go into the music world, it should be for a good reason n of a good quality n behavior, coz it's not just about the music's about the behavior the mentality n the message u wanna spread .. it's known from the very beginning that music has this magical effect on ppl , so i think we should use this wisely, not just to let it out n express our selves in whatever way we wanna do it!

    Aziz: God i don't believe i'm saying this but I only have one word for u : " FUCK YOU!!!!"
    i always say " allah yehdehom " in such situation , but he didn't leave me any choice .. i've never been so frustrated so furious like he the way he made me feel .. GOD!! .. I feel like me wanting to kick him, to beat him so harshly till he drops dead or pass out !!! :@

    at last, I don't know what is the real purpose of this show, but i can only assume it is not a good one .. i believe that for the wrong to be corrected u go to the source n u extract it right from the core not from a collateral, otherwise , it won't be corrected at all.
    not every thing should be exposed , n f it is a must to know, not every one should know.
    men bab "و إذا بليتم فاستتروا"

    I think this is all for now ..

  4. LMAO. Ghada you using the F word, KILLED ME. I can't stop laughing. This Aziz, I won't be surprised if our dear shyoo5 said its ok to kill him. I'm not saying it is OK to do so. But it is expected LOL.

    For the city council, didn't you see at the end? They banned more meetings with the women. No more business women or other kind of women. But I think they discussed fair points. I mean, they look like they are women who have and can afford drivers, yet they were very concerned for the other women who don't and can't afford them.

    About music, remember that doc that gave us Islamic 301 in the summer? She was like a shee5. She's allowed to make ftawy and she said music is not haram except if the lyrics is too sexy or bad or something. And if they write their own lyrics and it's not offensive, it is fine if you don't like it. But don't ban it.

    I don't think American people will see it as bad as you see it. I think it will actually show them we are more than just a desert and a bunch of oil wells.

  5. Aziz is a piece stinky shit :P Haha! I love your point sweetie! He got dump because he is simply UGLY and LOW CLASS! Aziz you are so LOW CLASS dude and you stink, you can smell my butt from far coz I wouldn't let you come 100 meters close to me coz you STINK BADLY! Arghhh wish I could slap and kick and hit this guy with baseball bat!

  6. LOOL .. I forgot to mention .. this Aziz, I dare if he had a girlfriend a9ln at that time, I wouldn't be surprised f he played this whooole dating thing just to appear on TV.

    n about the music .. I do remember .. n as i said ,it's not about the music ,it's about what comes with this kind of music.. that's what i'm afraid of.
    i don't wanna jump into judgment, maybe they r really good n peaceful ppl .. but how can i be sure? i saw someone with a tattoo on his shoulder - i dunno f it's real or not - but .. i think u got my point.

    maybe u'r right .. maybe it wont be as bad as i think to Americans or others or even to us, but they have to bear in mind that even this show can't provide the real truth .. the basics of our lives .. the principles we r living on & who's bad n who's good..

  7. heys coookie
    wooo whats that all about :P mmm I haven't watched that show lately so I miss it, mm about aziz shfeekm 3leeh, he seem young dude so if he is then don't blame the dude, young people can be dumb sometimes :p mmm I dislike colored abaya !

  8. hey .. dodah .. guess what have I just read in the news paper ??!
    they wanna sue the ppl n there , for the same reason they did for that guy who came on LBC!!!
    well literally .. they said they wanna sue 2 guys n the girl .. but they mentioned them all in the article.

    wallah .. i expected something like this to happen .. allah yestor !

  9. i think poor Aziz is the one harvesting all the criticism from all of us. the poor guy.

  10. C and Asmaa, LMAO I'm starting to feel really bad for Aziz's sake.

    Ghada, ya I saw the tatto but that guy wasn't from that band. A lot of Muslim boys and girls have tattoos and they don't all listen to metal so?

    I'll quote Asmaa for you honey "I don’t appreciate MTv exploiting my country for entertainment. It IS entertainment, it’s not a documentary. It’s MTv, ladies and gents, don’t forget that!". MTV's shows are never serious. All fun and games. THEY know that so don't worry.

    I expected a law sue against Aziz but Fatima? What the hell did she do wrong?

    AP, you have to live in KSA to understand :P

  11. dear saudis
    name calling is also haram

  12. I have heard so much about this episode but I can't view it on the MTV website! GRrrr!!

  13. i saw the ep the other day. i'm not from ksa but i'm pretty sure the ep had some truths in it! i guess mtv did exaggerate and it portrayed ksa as..iran , possibly? and the aziz guy who is getting a lot of critique im pretty sure he portrays the lives of many young Saudi men so he was at least genuine.

    first time in this blog so holla ;p

  14. although i do agree aziz is a loser, but hes still part of the society and there r many ppl like him.

    bs inshalah this sheds some light and things do get better

  15. Agree with eshda3wa...Many people like Aziz! Damn kiddos mentality suck!

  16. Anisa, Thank you.

    Shahirah, hope you get to watch it soon. :)

    noufa82, holla back :)
    Iran? It wasn't that bad. Aziz represent the loser guy everywhere, not just in Saudi. So he can't go blaming Saudi for his dateless nights cuz people here do date.

    eshda3wa, inshallah :)