May 20, 2010

Miss USA 2010

Did you get to watch Miss USA? Did you see that Rima Fkih a 24 Lebanese immigrant and a Muslim, won!
Well, I did watch it. I happen to be very fond of beauty pageants. I love to watch pretty people. *blink blink*

At 1st when I saw the 51 girls, I wasn't very impressed. They weren't all beauty queens pretty. But the 15 girls they already chose to compete were the prettiest.

The bikini contest. Woha forget the faces their bodies are to die for. Especially Rima, she was very confident. Swaying around looking hot and fabulous. And there were those other two that I really loved. Miss Oklahoma's body was perfect and she got a really pretty face too. Miss Virginia, is kinda of short compared to the other girls, but she was sexy and seductive as hell. But I was very confused as to which grounds were the judges grading them. They all have great bodies and the grades just didn’t make sense to me. Except it seems like the taller you are the better your grade. Which is kinda of prejudice of you ask me.

Moving along to the gowns part. The music was perfect. I loved the song:Trace Adkins -This Ain't No Love Song. And my favourite gown and girl is definitely Miss Oklahoma. Her dress is gorgeous and she looked amazing. Actually she kinda of looks like Heidi Montag. She said about her dress "when I put on my gown it took my breath away. It was the (?) of poise and glamour and elegance" and I agree. I loved her LOL. Sorry couldn't get any pictures, cuz I must buy them. Look them up here.

Now the questions part. If you ask me kolhom m3 nfshom. And Rima kept smiling and laughing while answering. That was so stupid. But still she was very confidant. And Miss Virginia kept flirting and touching the yummy host's arm. Appropriate? Who could blame her? He is hot, a chief and Australian. PERFECT!

I love this picture.

The end, yay my 3 favourite girls and the 3 who were wearing white were the top 3. Odd? Anyway Rima won and Miss Oklahoma was the 1st runner up. Rima didn't cry and said something about pizza after she won. What? I think she lakes poise. She gave the audience thumbs up in her 1st walk. Who does that?

Don't get me wrong I'm glad that an Arab won Miss USA but after watching it I can't help but thinking it was a political move. Anyway, congrats Rima. Hope you enjoy your year of fun, glamour and maybe some giving back to the community.

P.S: I want a Miss Saudi pageant.


  1. mnzeman ma tabe3t beauty pea gent I really like watching those kinds, mashalla I like people who just keep on smiling and laughing cause im similar to that, y3ni she's so down to earth and loving person :D walla if you kill her she'll laugh to death :Pp

  2. I think Miss Oklahoma and Miss Michigan looked so similar. The only difference was their hair colour haha! And Rima's slightly more tanned.

  3. i dont find her beautiful, but she is attractive! :)

  4. Hey C. :)

    AP, yeah but sometimes those girls just fake a smile. And it's not pretty.

    Shahirah, hmm I don't think so.

    Creme, who? Rima? If so, I agree.