May 25, 2010

If I Were A Boy

I was thinking of how much of a catch I would make if I were a dude. I mean, A) I am a doctor to be and we all know how much women LOVE doctors. B) I would make a handsome guy. I have been told that my twin male is Joe Jonas. He looks just like my older brother, so yeah maybe?But of course I won't be wearing skinny jeans like a little girl.

C) I can cook? OK. Just bake, but you ladies like cookies right?:P D) I am VERY moral. E) Maybe cuz I won't suffer from PMS and the fucking hormones won't mess with my head, I would be more nicer and pleasant to be with? Or will the testosterone just make it worse? F)I'm as emotionally retarded as a man and commitment-phobic which gives you ladies the opportunity to fix me. Yeah women are nuts. They like a lost cause. But of course when they lose, they'll find out how much of a waste of time I was. Poor things LOL.

The reason why I went through this path of thinking, is because I was saying to myself: If my friends were guys, though they really are good people, I would never date them and probably would be running screaming for dear old heart. Still I love them as girls and I really don't care much about the flaws that would make them terrible partners. for instance, one of my friends thinks that telling lies and making bets that you could make someone fall for you, is totally fine and FUN! That "fun" part, scares the fuck out of me.
Another girl, she's nice and all but she really never or will ever really care and she's a blabber mouth, so you know all your business will be known to everyone. We girls want to talk and feel safe, so I'm telling you that is not good boyfriend material. Girls, I say this with absolute love.

But really why are we sometimes attracted to the bad guys? And always ignoring the nice ones in our lives? Just yesterday, one of my friends was telling me about a guy who liked her but he's really ugly. So I told her to shut him down LOL. But she said he was so nice though. So dear old me gave her the ultimate boy advice "You befriend nice guys, not hook up with them". Yeah, I know I am absolutely messed up. That's why I don't date at all. But that dude has a bigger flaw than just being ugly. A deal breaker flaw and I will just leave it at that.

So girls if you were boys would I want to date you? And what kind of boys do you usually fall for?


  1. so why do all girls these days want to be boys ?
    I heard it a lot in the past few days
    I mean there is something wrong with you girls

    for me I won't wish or even imagine being a boy no matter what
    i like who i'm and you should do that

  2. LOL. Chill, OK? You so didn't understand the post. I never even mentioned WANTING to be a boy. I was just wondering IF I was actually, how much would girls like me. I love being a girl,I wouldn't change it for the world and I am THAT comfortable with who I am, to actually think out of the box.
    Next time, women up and write your name.

  3. are guys allowed to say thier opinion

    anyway , i just want to comment on your writing

    that was thorough and intersting

    but i have to ask you to answer your questions

    keep it up ..:)

  4. LOOOOL :D I never imagine if I am a boy :P I wanna be girly girl :P

  5. my ultimate wish is to be a boy because society is much easier on boys, I think no one can argue with that.
    I've never "fallen" per say for a boy, but I'm always attracted to tall ones, period. haha.

  6. Hahahaha 5leech girl a7la :p
    mmm if i were a boy, I'd sleeep with whores 24/7 and never get a serious date so no i wont date you :P jk i'm happii to be an angel ladaaay, well I like a guy thats good inside but looks bad outside bs mmm bad guys I like because if a guy is nice all girls would be friends with him cause of his kindness and bad guys that all girls might ditch him someday :P and bad guys likes bitches (mean girls)

  7. hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, i love your blog.. did i say that? i think i should say it all the day!!
    it's amazing and funny and yes, it makes u "think"!!! i think i would be a geek summer camp boy with inhaler!!
    no i'm good as a girl!! hahaa

    and yes that guy in the pic looks like u.. i think if i dunno u and saw u walking with him i'd say he's ur bro... nice choice Co0kie...

    about bets and lies... WHO THE F*** likes that idea and thinks it's fun O_O??? that is SOOOOOOOOO SICK!!!!!!!!!
    it's not fun at all.. actually, it's quite a turn off!!! waja3.. and the blabber mouth is quite scary... O_O.. dear God..

    but really, all in all.. nice post.. LOVELY post... :D
    co0kie all the way :p

  8. Hey guy, yes, a guy's perspective is very much appreciated. Hmm my answers to my questions? Would I date me? Yes, I'm awesome. :P
    And the kind of guy I'm usually attracted to is umm super smart, cute, TALL, muscular, with a hard exterior and a gummy bear interior. :P

    C, well, you are a girly girl honey :)

    F, true. No one can argue with that. Though I wish I could change the society. Hey don't we all like tall guys? xD

    AP, LOL t3jbiny as a guy :P
    But I think bad boys, when and IF they fall, they fall for good girls. I think they make them be better men or something.

    LOL Fadiah, thank you. But I won't date you, until you lose the inhaler :P
    Yeah I'm the long lost Jonas sister.
    Again thank you. Your so sweet XOXO.

  9. LoL haa 3ajbtch ana shkla yabeela dating u:Pp well yea true and bad girls fall for good ones so for my personal experience yep totally YES !

  10. LOL no I wouldn't date you. I'll just admire you mn b3eed :P

    Don't know about bad girls. But they sure don't deserve the few good guys out there.

  11. ooh, i love this. i thought to how it will be if i was a guy and i found out that i have the attitude but not the looks :P

  12. You definitely got the attitude *winks*