Jun 30, 2010

4th Year - Final Day

I had 4 finals today. Ophthalmology finale written and OSCE. ENT finale written and OSCE. I didn't REALLY study. I was busy last night. First with being excited about Portugal's match vs Spain. Then was busy being absolutely mad and depressed cuz poor old Portugal lost. And it wasn't a fair loss. Ronaldo so deserved at least a free kick and if so it was an absolute goal but the fucking referee denied it. Whatever, it is over right? Anyway, so after the match I couldn't possibly study. I discussed the thing with my friends on facebook then I went to bed. Woke up in the morning. Had some coffee, which I don't usually do. Started studying and did some or a lot of twittering. Went to the hospital. Took the ophthalmology written then at the OSCE, I wrote the answers at the questions sheet, although the doc specifically told us to write it in the ANSWERS SHEET. Thank God Dr.Bawzeer noticed and unfortunately wasn't very happy with my stupidity. So he got really mad, stood right next to me and pretended to scream at the whole auditorium but me and everyone around me knew he was actually screaming at me. At the moment I was so embarrassed, I wanted al ar9' tnsh8 o tbl3ny. Then a few minutes after, he came back to make sure I wrote them in the right place. Again whatever! Though some girls really LIKE this doc and I was told by one of them "You should be honoured he noticed you and talked to you". Really? I hope next time it happens to you then. But really thank you doc for noticing. Woosh.

Then there was ENT. Dr.Sindi kept fucking screaming like a mad man for an unknown reason to me. The dude almost gave me a heart attack. Anyway, the ENT OSCE was SUPER SHIT! I only wish the person who corrects my paper doesn't kill himself. The written was meh. But it couldn't just be a meh. No, God forbid. My tummy remembered its famous exams ritual that it has to make noises. And guess what? Yes, the resident was standing a few steps behind me. Fuck. I kept praying he doesn't hear my tummy and wished oh how I wished that I had breakfast before I came. It wasn't that loud so hopefully he didn't hear or that I never see him or doc Bawzeer ever again.

Then I rewarded my self with a Farppuccino and a cookie from Starbucks. What a wonderful day to end such a wonderful year. Please fifth year, do not be as wonderful or even more. My heart could only handle much wonderfullity.

God, I still can't believe this year has actually ended al 7mdullah. And it's been a full school year since I wrote this post: 4th Year-Day One.

By the way what do you think should I do something productive this summer or should I just lounge around? I'm so confused. Again whatever. Wish you all a great summer XoXO.

Note to KAU: 4 finals before an important match and then nothing at the days where no matches what so ever are held? FUCK YOU!


  1. Mabrouk! You've finished!!!

    And yes I can totally relate to having tummy rumbles during exams. So embarassing.... but I guess very understandable? I barely ate during exam periods. Didn't have time during all the cramming I had to do.. lol.

    I think you should relax and then make some exciting plans. You deserve it!!!!!!

  2. "You should be honoured he noticed you and talked to you." >>>>> takol tebn!!!

    I am so happy and excited as if it was me who finished the year :D.. and if u're going to really stick to those who give u their opinion about summer, then i'd say lounge around :D.. no productivity, unless it has something to do with languages!! :P that's an exception!

  3. p.s. it super exciting to check your 1 academic-year old post.. yaaaay I'm going to read it!!

  4. "You should be honoured he noticed you and talked to you."

    well, my dear .. I had my share last semester .. TWICE!!
    that was with "Dr.cute Fingers" aka "Dr. 3addas"x)
    he notced my HUGE stupidity!! at least in ur condition, u were answering .. but me .. I was a tootal Idiot! (_ _!)
    fisrt at his session , n the second time at the active OSCE exam..
    so when u come to calculate it :
    Neuro-sergeon vs. Ophthalmologist
    I'd say ur lucky!

    n for ur Q: I would say , do whatever makes u happy..
    me insha'a allah is going to a gym ..i'm so excited !! XD
    aahh , I should loose some weight!
    I was thinking about getting a job , my mom has been encouraging us ( me and my sister ) to do so for a while ..
    beside , I could use some money f I'm going to have a BB =)

    at last .. THANK GOD we finished this year! I feel so light .. so free ..

    so .. HAVE A GREAT SUMMER .. full of happy n joyful time! =D

  5. Shahirah, aww thank you babes. I am so glad someone can relate to my misery :P

    Fadiah, aren't you the sweetest. Hmm yup learning a new language, sounds productive yet fun. xD

    LOL Ghada, I already embarrassed myself in front of Dr.Addas. He told me he should give me a zero and I think he did. So I win. :P
    A job sounds nice. What kind of job do you want?
    You too dear, have an awesome summer xoxo.

  6. mabrook for finishing ur 4th year!

    what productive thing did u have in mind?

  7. it was so hilarious doctor bawazir screaming .. now i dont know what he gonna say about me .. i didnt give them the paper deka 78at al examination .. may be he gonna give me a kaf or something .. pray for me .

  8. eshda3wa, Allah ybark feeky :)
    umm I thought of training in a hospital but I'm sick of medicine.

    Trapped, it wasn't so hilarious to me. Inshallah 5eer don't worry. Btw nwrty my blog :)

  9. LOL I hate my tummy in these situations too ;D

    Mabrook kid enjoy the freedom.. and yup.. do something productive. A New language should be great.. Enjoy doing nothing when you’re older ;D

  10. Oh hello Faith. Long time no see. Missed you. And LOL thanks for the tough love. :P