Feb 26, 2009

Little red notifications <3

I started this blog because I'm looking for a less annoying addiction. You see my current addiction is facebook's little red notifications. <3

Almost everything I do there is for their sake. I post random notes with the same contents and demand that my friends comment on them all, I comment on their notes and pictures, so they'll comment on my comments and so I get my perfect little hot red boxes XD.

What a joy seeing them flashing all of a sudden when I'm playing the Geo Challenge or when I come back after a good night sleep and boom there are 15 of them !! yay what a thrill lol.

So you are asking: if you love them so much and they are not a life threatening addiction, why would you want to replace them?

I'll say: well, you see my freaky friends are getting tired of commenting on stupid, random stuff. And I'm starting to feel really silly posting those random, stupid stuff.

So maybe, if I posted here my random thoughts no one would feel silly or annoyed. It'll be like chit chatting with myself. Which is something I LOVE !!

Oh look I got another notification lol

Anyway, where were we ? oh yeah talking to myself. You know I always do that, even in real non internet life. I even consider my mirror my best friend. How wacky is that?
Its Cuz I don’t feel OK telling people how I feel or I haven’t find the right friends who I can trust (I'm not so lucky in that department). And beside who is a better listener and a more compassionate friend than your own reflection in the mirror.

Try it you won't think I'm THAT crazy!! =]

OK enough blabbing for today, see when I see ya XOXO


  1. u know i didn't see the (4 notifications) they didn't attract my attention as much as the (28 friends online!!!!!!!!!!!)
    mashallah how many do u have ???
    i'll check now :P
    anyhow... well it IS an addiction and i hate it when i receive a stupid notification from "speeddate" @_@..... i dunno how to remove the goddamn thing !!
    hope u enjoy your new addiction sweetie :D

  2. lol to be honest this isnt my account .. its from google .. mine would have much more notifications XD

    mn jd marrah ynrfiz 78 speed date n the other stupid stuff.. I keep movin them n they still pop uP :S

    thanx .. i'll enjoy my new addiction .. u know i was dreaming about it last night @_@

  3. I hate new FB! I prefer the old FB. Sometimes I felt that FB is annoying because people know everything about you and what you did =P I hate the tag thing the most, coz I really hate it if someone tag my picture.

  4. I disagree .. I prefer the new FB, I find it more organized and the red boxes r just so cute :p .. but the the tag thing is really annoying

    Thank u 4 passing by Zara .. I hope 2 c more of u =]

  5. LOL still I prefer the old FB =P Actually FB meant a lot for me, it's where I get connected to people I know. I admit that the red thing is so cute =P and yes the tag thing is really annoying!Sure I will come here to bug you always, LOL XD! Love the way you write your post, its really expressive =)