Nov 10, 2010

Obsession Much?

Well yeah, it became a lovely obsession? What? Well, of course it's Real Madrid. So I'm gonna blabber a bit about my lovelies.

First of all, isn't this GIRL the cutest thing EVER!

Hercules Vs Real Madrid - La Liga | 30/10/2010

I just fell in love with the picture and added it as my BBm picture. Not because of the cute baby, I never do that! But cuz of the cute awesome little RM jersey. We RM fans come in all sizes. xD

A friend of mine then asked me who was the girl? She thought it might be one of my relatives. Then when mom saw it she told me the girl looked like ME when I was little. Awww that was just perfect.

And while we are on the baby subject, what's wrong with Cristiano Ronadlo? Why does he do a tickling-like move when he celebrates his goals? It was cute at first? But now I want to know WHY?

Real Madrid 6-1 Deportivo | La Liga 03/10/2010

Real Madrid 6-1 Racing Santander - La Liga 23/10/2010

He even sucked his thumb last night in the match against Real Murcia. From this and that I deduced that he's dedicating his goals to his son. Ain't I the brilliant detective :P

Also last night Jose Mourinho was sent off. But of course you can't REALLY send Mourinho out. He went and sat on the stairs with the crowds like a little scolded kid. LOL it was priceless! Love you Mou. xD

On a not so far note, LOOK!

I WANT THE COOKIE MONSTER! Cuz you know C is for Cookie that's good enough for me. Oooh cookie cookie cookie that's me :P


  1. ee i noticed ench so into this stuff :D

  2. Wow! you're real madrid fan like the rest of the crew at home :P I just wish I was a sports fan xD

  3. dear cookie ,,,1st of all ,,yah the sucking thumb usually means its for his baby ,,,i dunno whats the tickling like movments mean but i can tell u its not s2n thts well knwn like the thumb sucking or the shushing of the crowds or the other famous celebrations ,,,, so if u find out plz share :P tht being said real madrid has no chance this year its barcelonas year :D
    ps : all this speaking of cookies made me crave em ,,, whats the best cookie bakery in town since u seem like the cookie official spokesman :P

  4. Athoug, I like your crew. xD

    MJ, I have other theories. How about the tickling is for Irina- his girlfriend? No?
    And that's where you are mistaken. This year got RM written all over it, for 2 reasons: 1) Me is a fan :P
    2)The special one is with us. xD

    My cookies are the best cookies in town, damn right it's better than yours. :P
    Anoosh's and Minimoonz's cookies are pretty good and my friend told me about Crunshies cookies but I haven't tried them yet.