Nov 29, 2010

We Lost. What's Your Excuse?

We lost! 5-0. We Real Madrid the most amazing team on the planet lost 5-0. The awesome guys in white didn't give it their best -actually they were bad beyond recognition. It wouldn't seem far fetched if we said aliens abducted them and replaced them with other carbonic images of them - and so we lost. Shocking and horrific but whatever that's football. Our wining streak was bound to end. But at least we were beaten by an equally legendary team rather than Hercules. Yes, you heard me.

But even when those awesome los blancos lose they manage to make us a little bit less heart broken. They pick up fights and start shoving people. Yes, they are considerate like that. xD

First CR pushes Guardiola -Barcelona's manger- and so Barcelona's men come to the rescue.

It was so uncalled for. We admit that. But entertaining as hell. At least for us RM desperate fans.

Then they yummy Sergio Ramos... just see what he does.

I LOVE him. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Messi, Puyol and Xavi all in one. I just wish he could have kicked Valdes's ass as well. But I'll miss him terribly in the next match.

Yes, it wasn't cool of him BUT it totally cooled me down. Those guys deserved it for all the stupid comments we received and will still receive from the ignorant Barcelona fans. Yes, I am a sore loser but I LOST. Barcelona fans on the other hand, won and are being complete jerks about it, rubbing it in our faces, and making lame ass jokes. And you could never say we would do the same if we won. We lost el clasico 5 times in a row now. So you would never know :P

Can't wait for the next clasico at home - The Santiago Bernabeu. Where it's all our fans whom does not boo and pull the middle finger on the opposing team.

And by the way if we were rewarded that penalty for Valdes's stupidity we would have totally scored a goal and so the whites would feel better, play better and won't lose as horrifically as they did.



  1. am sorry for being late :P but am pretty sure deep down inside u knew id come to gloat :D ,,,
    A) dont b such a sore loser and blame the aliens :P the only way morhino could not lose infront of barcelona is if he pulled the intermilan - barcelona game like last year and made the whole team play defense ,, oh no wait even then barcelona scored a goal }:P
    B) christiano is such a big baby who acts tough but the moment things get serious ,,,well we all remember what happend last summer when he complained how the refs are not considerate about his safety when he was about to get his ass whooped by the cort de voir-ians :P
    C)u can wait all u want for the next clasico the fact remains we won u 5-ZERO :P and fyi ,, tht wasnt a penalty valdes tackled the ball 1st so even though he hit the player its the 1st touch tht counts :D

  2. No, I totally forgot about you. :P
    And man you are still on that silly thing? We are so over it.
    A) I did not blame the aliens thank you very much. I just said it would "seem" like it. Plus I agree, I wish we were more defensive. Our defence was absolute crap! :(
    B) That's why we love our big baby. DEAL WITH IT! :p
    C)We'll meet again April 17. Mourinho NEVER loses at home! Ya Rab it stays that way lol.