Nov 17, 2010

Late Night Rambles

Damn it people. All I read is about football and footballers. Yes, of course medical books too. But I'm on a break now so... But really those websites are addictive. You must check them out: &

All I want to talk, tweet and blog about is football. It's not cute or funny any more. Don't get me wrong, I'm LOVING it. It brings such joy to me. I'd drop medical school and be a sports journalist in a heart beat. But the thing is, am I boring you? No, one really told me I am. I just get the oh but you are a girl how come you like football comments and A LOT of them. Blah people it's gorgeous men running around. How come guys like it? That is the real question. And girls, liking sports does not make you less feminine. Sheesh it's gorgeous men and they take their shirts off at the end!

I love how I'm not alone in this. 2 of my friends got the football fever since the world cup too. And Zooz even tweeted this when I tweeted my concerns of the effects of this fever on my life:
@ I know....i talk about 2 things...1)Football i.e happiness...2)kau i.e
It amazes me how long this fever has lasted. Usually I have a very short attention span. I never get addicted to anything. A month or two is my limit. Football really knew how to tie me down.

Anywho, I think it's time for a distraction. I mean it's healthy for me to blab about other things. Right? I asked my friend and she said I should write about my love for her - yeah right- or guys and relationships. Blah. So now I ask you what should I write about? TV shows? OK.

Could Serena be an even more psycho/slut/bitch than she already is. That professor Collen is all forbidden-candy-I-MUST-have-him when she can't and he's yuck-oh-I-forgot-I'm-in-love-with-Dan when she can? SLUT!

And is it me or is Blair and Chuck is double m3 nfshom this season? Yes, Chuck made us all beg for mercy when he went all "I'm Chuck Bass" on that poor French girl. But that is it this season. The crappy love/hate sex scene with B was beyond bad and actually very funny.

And Blair, turn the ego down a notch, will ya? It's disgusting. Cute when you were16 but not any more. And when she said:
"Once men have tasted caviare, it baffles me how they settle for catfish."

Oh shit woman who the fuck do you think you are? Yes, what she said is perfectly correct but NOT in her case. BITCH! Just because she's rich doesn't make her caviare. That spoiled brat. The French girl was uglier true but she was also nice and pure and a whore. OK so maybe she was really catfish. But B didn't know that did she?

Why is Jenny afraid of B and Chuck? What can they really do beside making her miserable that is.

Oh and the stupid tricks and games everyone is playing in this show, WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE? FIVE? It's really getting lame.

On an up beat fashion wise note, I LOVE S's backless dresses. They look gorgeous on her. I want them! Blair's clothes suck all around this season too but her hair, I'm loving the color.

Enough about GG. Now some Brothers & Sisters. LMAO @ when Luke's mom appeared. I thought they thought we were stupid enough to think a Latino actress is French. But then she was Portuguese who lived her life in France. Oh those Portuguese, how they manage to pop up even in my shows. *sigh*

Umm that's it. You need more? I watch a lot of shows. You just ask for it. Or give me something else to write about or just ask me to shut up. I won't by the way.

Oh wait, this summer I was learning Spanish. And I was doing pretty good. By the end of the summer I could read and actually understand the general idea of what I read. Especially my football articles. xD
When school started I didn't have time so I stopped working on my Spanish. I'm forgetting things. I'm not as half as good. I can only go: uno, dos , tres, cuatro. I used to count to 20 and more before. Me so sad *pout*

P.S: I have been staring at Segio Ramos's face for hours now. Great shot!


  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOL @ Blah people it's gorgeous men running around. How come guys like it? That is the real question. hahaaaaaaaaa

    that's soo truuuuuue... bs wallahi even i was shocked when the fever didn't go away from u Duha :p. I thought u loved football mn zaman turned out it's a new symptom!!!

    and about GG... i should get the new season from u (too lazy to download it herself) and YESSSSSSSSSSSSS i believe that Serena has crossed the line in case of ultimate bitchiness + other words that it's 3aib to say here.... weird that u haven't mentioned Jenny!!!

    and Blair and Chuck =___=.. what's with their bipolarity aren't they going to get back together?? and there's a FRENCH GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????

    ok enough :p.. and don't remind me with the language thing i forgot all what i learned about French :(...

  2. If you were reading my blog properly you would have known the obsession is new but I have always been a distant fan.

    Bnt you shouldn't have read that if you didn't watch it! Download it or give me your HD ASAP when we go back to school and forget all I wrote. But about Jenny nothing much about her cuz she wasn't on much cuz she has a tour. Opening for some band I think.

  3. i know that's it a new symptom bs i was doubting it 3shan i also thought that u loved football and needed to trigger that love out so loud :p...

    and naaah it's okay... i forget quickly 3adi if i read all that... i know that's all in GG are a bunch of bitches and brainless dudes... i need to know what happened though LOOL..