Nov 18, 2010

A Drunk on Lack of Sleep Day Out

After the long night of watching friendly matches on TV. Highlighted by Portugal's win over Spain 4-0 yay. And Iker taking his shorts off. And then blabbering on this blog and Twitter. A girl must go out and seek some breakfast, mustn't she? And so I did. I went to Flapjacks, which is a place I have been wanting to try since forever now.

The decoration was whatever and the place looks old although it was opened only a few months back. I didn't like the menu-printed-on-the-table-thingy. And the place was racist. Yes, you heard me RACIST!

How come white people are white and other races are green. The lighting might be bad but I assure you both were green. We were thinking that probably the darker green is black and the lighter one is Saudi people. Since in other posters the light green person was wearing a thobe. And let's face it Saudi people are not white. That's not very racist right? We all just want to be represented with our right colors. Because I never saw green people walking down the street or maybe I did. Green of jealousy from my awesomeness perhaps? OK I'll go die somewhere.

But the other racist thing is how come the yellow hands are the biggest? HAAAAAA? I would like no, I demand equal sizes to all hands of all the colors. I feel like Martin Luther King. xD

Enough boozie boozie talk. Now let's get to the food. Listen to me folks and listen carefully. I will only say this once. When you are at a pancake place, order what? PANCAKES! Don't go all cleaver like me and order waffles. Because if their waffles are good they would probably be calling the place Flapjacks & Waffles House. Seriously, their waffles SUCK!

Berry Waffles

Since my food sucked I ate my sisters Kinder Pancakes and they were yumm. And the Seattle Mocha I ordered was absolute yumm.

Then I went to Debenhams to pick up something and I probably found the most ugliest piece of clothing EVER! TA DA DA DAH!

Yes, the sleeves are acid washed denim!

Isn't it refreshing? The low quality of my pictures? I'm probably the only person in the world who didn't go all pro all of a sudden. Actually this is me being all awesome photographer. You don't see a thumb covering the lens do ya? xD


  1. my face was like this =| BEFORE I read ur description below the last pic. then my face went like this O_O V_V AFTER I read the description.
    at first I thought it a sleeveless blouse n' there's a denim jacket behind it!!
    ewww who's gonna buy that !:S

    n about the pancake shop, I'll never go n eat pancakes out. mine r just fine and I love them. u'd b lucky f u could taste them one day lol :P

  2. LOL one day if you were too tired to make pancakes go try it :P

  3. *impress* A piece of "art" that made of three materials-Denim, cotton and wool! Please tell me the hoodie is made of wool :P Seriously I think some fashion-wannabe might buy it, bet over the last 5 bucks I have?

  4. I seriously want to try these kinder pancakes now, sounds insane!

    What you bought, looks kinda punk to me xD which is cool

  5. Holyloly, LOL I don't know if it's wool. I couldn't really touch it. *shudders*

    SG, I truly hope you are talking about the waffles cuz I won't be caught dead buying that thing.

    And the kinder pancakes are so simple. Just make some and crush some kinder on them xD