Nov 26, 2010


It's 3:05 am. I should be asleep but I'm not. School will start tomorrow AGAIN! There was something that I wanted to blog about 5 minutes ago that I don't seem to remember now. Hmm should I just close the window? Or should I write whatever mumble jumble that creeps into my head until I remember?

I'll start my pshychiatry rotation in a few hours. First week is back on the medical campus, not the hospital. Which means it'll suck. People here are freaks. From the security low lives to the administrators or whomever they are to the girls.

Remember when I said female medical students are hot and not as ugly as everyone is saying. Well, I take it back. Apparently it was just my year and the year older that are hot. The new girls are scary. It's not that they are just not pretty but - I think- because they went to the main girls campus so some of the scary girls habbits rubbed on them. You know like full make up at 8 am, crazy make up colors that clashes with your tone. It's kinda mostly the make up thing. I can't think of anything else. Bottom line is, I don't like them. Let the hate mail begin.

What is it about our generation that thinks every freaking thought we have is important and should be documented? We blog, facebook, twitter and God knows what else is out there. By the way that question is totally inspired or rephrased from a movie that I recently saw, which I think is The Social Network or Easy A. Can't remember.
Back to the question. Really what is it? You just read the amount of blah that I wrote above. It'll probably do more harm than good. So why did I write it? Cuz I thought of it and I must share it with the world? Cuz maybe there is someone out there who thinks the same and so I won't feel so alone? Cuz it's a very important piece of information that might save your life? Probably not the last one.

And what is it with the location websites like Foursquare and Gowalla? Why would your friends care where you are or what are you doing?
I think businesses somehow benefit from them. Keeping track of whom are their clients or something. I once checked in Uno and they tweeted that they were happy that I'm there and what did I order for lunch? Yes, I admit I used them cuz they help me find places and cuz everyone was doing so. Damn you peer pressure.
But seriously, people -not stalkers- don't need to know where the hell you are. So why use them? To shove your awesome life at your friends' faces?

I'm not asking because I want us to stop. Hell that's what awesome about our generation. We are always out there. I'm asking cuz it's 3:55 am and I have nothing better to do. I probably should not hit the publish button. Öp öp öp öp.


  1. well i'm starting community IN THE CAMPUS TOO and the new girls freak the hell out of me too.. their make up is sooooooo ugly that i really wanna start make up tutorials IN THE CAMPUS too :p.. so they can spread the word.. hahahah

    about 'our generation' wallahi every word is so right!! I plan to pass my accounts' passwords to my children so they know a little about their mom. :p.. and my grandkids too LOOOL i wonder what they'll say!!

    because honestly i would LOVE to know everything about my mom and grandmoms and dads... so perhaps twitter and FB accounts will be closed :P.. but blogger shall stay hahaha....

    even though u're ranting, it's still interesting xD... luff u

  2. ur smart when its past ur bed time ;)

  3. LOL thanks. I'll take that as an insult :P