Dec 26, 2010

Me 101

I'm so bored of saying this in public and looking like a complete psycho so I'll just write it and people I know, please always come back to this.


Sure I don't like being alone and I enjoy a good company BUT I LOVE my space. You being needy glue like person does NOT show me or mean that you love me. I'll like it for a while. Tolerate it for a period. Then I'm sorry but I'll just resort to fucking hating your guts and ignoring you. Still don't get the message? I'll scream bloody murder and show everyone just how much I hate you.

You can avoid going through all the steps by simply backing off. The period of backing off varies. It depends on how far you are in the hating scale. The further you are the longer the period and vice versa.
You would think people would take a hint. But they don't and I have to say this to them over and over and OVER AGAIN! Please God, let this be the last time.

Don't go all I'm hurt and offended on me now. So what if I don't want you? It's not like I'm a jewel and being in my presence is the secret for eternal life. Plus I'm the victim here. Do you think I enjoy being annoyed out of my freaking mind?


  1. LOL
    god i don't wanna be your enemy ..
    you are really pissed off ..

    chillax .. life doesn't worth getting angry over some shitty stuff ..

    just ignore them , and face the world with shinny smile .. :)

  2. I can't help it. And I am ignoring but just the sound of them make me jumpy. It pisses me off that people can't take a hint.

  3. LOL I know. Thanks for the support hun! :)

  4. heheeeeeeeeeeee yes this post makes everyone -including me- doubts herself bs i do agree with everything u said anyway...

    anyways sometimes hints aren't clear enough so that might double your resentment about the whole thing xD.. u'll have to act real deaf around them or tell them in the face and lose them for good.

    Either way Allah y3eenik o yfokkik minhom.

  5. LOL believe me this never happened with you. :)

    I do act deaf and avoid eye contact at all costs. And I also do tell them when I explode but al 7mdullah I never lost anyone from telling them. What can I say people love me :P

    Amen. Thanks sweetheart.