Aug 31, 2010

My New Passion

You've all noticed how much I enjoyed the world cup. Me, you, everyone thought this football frenzy will be over by the time Spain proudly won the world cup. Well, we were wrong. I'm so much in love with football. There is no cure from this bug.

I did some research aka Googling before the football season started and picked a team to root for. Guess what team I chose?

Congrats if you guessed Real Madrid. Now guess why? WOW I can't believe you couldn't guess that LOL. Well there isn't one reason. It's like a bunch of factors that collided together to make a reason called the dream team. My dream team consists of:

1. The yummy bunny himself: CR. And it got nothing to do with his yumminess. His foot work and dedication to the game is just unbelievable. Yeah OK whatever don't believe me.
2. Sergio Ramos *hearts*. Although I hated you when you kicked Germany's ass. But damn you're good.
3. Iker Casillas.
4. Di Maria.
5. They signed with Mesut Ozil and Sami Khdira. WOOT WOOOT. You guys made me super happy. And confirmed my decision.
6. Jose Mourinho. Well I don't really "know" him. But my brothers love him. And he led Inter Milan to win the UEFA Champions League. Which is good enough for me.

Enough said. Over the past month or so I fell deeper in love with this team. But now that la liga started, I can't say I'm very pleased with Real Madrid's performance. Will that was my feelings since the pre season but after the match with Mallorca, I'm more like very disappointed. So I told my friend Yara, who was a Barcelona fan then converted for the sake of SR, CR and me, about the utter disgrace of the draw. She responded by changing her BBm status to this:

My response was:

And I'm seriously thinking about it. Hot never tops loser. After my little brother heard my deceleration of ditching foot ball, he said I'm allowed to change heart. It's not like I'm a die hard fan or whatever. But I don't think I just can change teams. Remember my policy if you say you'll do something you stick to it. It's more of liking than doing in this situation. So maybe I can wiggle myself out of this one. Let's not be rash. Mourinho just needs time to work his magic with this team and soon they'll work wonders. I hope. But in every match someone is freaking injured. It's like there's a curse or something *pout*. HALA MADRID!

What's your favourite foot ball team?


  1. when my brother was here i used to get football updates and now nothing!!

    i miss watching and playing football!!

  2. wow this time we r not together .. for Barcelona (:

  3. you changed :O
    ok not so into football so does that mean im boring for fellas :Pp

  4. Standy, I remember you being in a football team. It made me want to be in one. How come we only have a basketball team in uni? Obsession much? :P

    Trapped, oh no LOL.

    AP, yeah right. Hope it's not a bad thing. Football is not so girly. :P
    No, not boring. I have actually noticed that guys other than a girl's brothers won't believe that she likes football and will think it's lame. Bs 6oz fihom. :P

  5. I'm not trying to sound "girly" or anything but I seriously can't get myself to watch football.. I only know the cuties <3
    I also know Real Madrid is a good team, I think, cause my bestie LURVES them!

  6. The cuties were the reason why I first loved this game and still a major part <3