Aug 29, 2010

Yes? No? Or Maybe?

As hot, smart, assertive, self sufficient young ladies the train -I'm not gonna say marriage but- of being in serious relationships might pass us by. For the lack of suitable worthy men, whom are strong enough to handle such assertiveness. Plus we don't have the time for whining, insecure men in our lives.

Usually a woman of such qualities after a certain age and amount of years when she established her career and position in life, becomes open to having that whinny little man in her life. She could go for a guy her age whom somewhat might appear mature and accomplished but sadly can't get it up. Or she can be labeled as the sexy cougar that is looking for a much younger play toy of a man. Just like Demi Moore and Ashton.

But what if this hot cougar is not even in her 30s? Hell she's still in her late 20s. Then we call her a puma. But what if she was 22 and she is attracted to 19 year old guys. Then what? We call her a kitty? A term for such case wasn't invented cuz usually it doesn't exist. But sadly that is the bizarre case with our friend Tatiana.
Tatiana found herself in a situation where she is surrounded by 19 year old boys and no real men in sight. For a 22 year old that should be a turn off. But those are hot, muscular, would put Sergio Ramos into shame 19 year olds. So let's not be rash and discard the idea of dating such younger men -or kids- so fast. But first you must know we are not talking about Arabs. Cuz then they will be skinny and small and girls their own age wouldn't wanna date them let alone an older girl.

Pros for dating a 19 year old:

• He is hot. But then again so are guys in their twenties.
• He is easy to control.
• He would do anything to please you.
• According to Tatiana an older girl seems perfect to the younger guy and he doesn't compare you to other women. My theory to explain is: maybe there weren't any other women or they weren't sober enough to remember such women.
• He likes to show you off. Man I scored an older hot chick -or puma.
• You can be your silly self around him and act childish.
• You don't have to worry about him chasing 19 year old girls cuz they still have pimples.

Now the cons:

• He is a TEENAGER!
• If women complained from 40 year old men immaturity. Let's not begin to talk about those children.
• He WILL embarrass you in front of your friends.
• Even though you are just 22, you'll always be reminded that you are OLDer.
• It is still not socially accepted.
• You can never ever expect him to be serious or thinking of a future to your relationship.
• He might still have pimples.

Although the cons are less aren't they more destructive to the relationship than the more pros? Help Tatiana decide is dating a 19 year old a yes? A big no? Or just a maybe?


  1. I miss u ♥...

    well it's a big NO!!! because guys in our own age are totally immature. and nothing's serious with them. and if anything's serious, it'll be long long from now.

    i can only imagine how would it be with a 19 dude =_=...
    without even pros and cons, i wouldn't risk it. Hope Tatiana decision relieves her!

  2. they say age is a state of mind and to some degree thats true coz i am sure uve seen 30 year olds who act more childeshly than 11 year olds and 11 year olds who are more mature than 30 year olds ( i dunno why 30 n 11 :P ) and judging on a serious relationship based on the age gap without taking in consideration other things that make a relationship work is pretty idiotic and though some ppl might not find this "socially acceptable" theres no good religious or even logical reason why they think that and a lot of ppl r realising tht more and more every day not just this but about a lot of "socially unacceptable " habits ... so i say gooo tatiana goooo !!

  3. I don't know babii, I mean it's just a dating not marriage, let her taste the fruit and then she'll get a decision if he's the one or no no. nowadays old people are childish than younger.

  4. for me it's maybe .. why closing the door ??
    keep ur options open , maybe he is the one ! (:

  5. i agree with trapped medic!!!
    why not :)

  6. Thanks all for your comments. Tatiana read them and I think she went for it. xD