Apr 1, 2011

Nostalgic Ramblings

I'm loving this song. It reminds me of good times and people. Times when I was happy and I knew it. When I used to go out from 8 am till late at night every night. When we danced on tables and sang our hearts out no matter where we were. When I was always tanned that I think I have exceeded my sun-exposure-time, if I stepped out in the sun now I'll get a melanoma. Not kidding, I have a new mole on my thumb. I'm scared. When I cried at my best friend's -at the time- graduation cuz it felt like my daughter graduating. When I got accepted into medical school and my mom's friend who hates us going out so much told me to kill the rest of the summer partying cuz I'll have no life once school start. When that summer I got hit by a jet ski in the head, lost consciousness, drowned, saved by a friend and lived to dance the night off. When we stood there for each other through out all the drama and family problems. When my family was a whole. Good times xD

أنا كل ما عمري يعدي و نقابل بعضنا أحس كأن أنا عندي يجي 16 سنة. أفتكر امبارح أدمع. حافظاه و ممكن أسمع. نفسي الأيام بترجع و نتلم كلنا