Jan 7, 2012

An Angel Vs. a Doctor

Remember my paediatrics reflections? Well, this is my post surgery reflection.

I sit here today, as my surgery rotation is almost over and after watching The Victoria's Secret 2011 fashion show, reflecting over my life. What the fuck did I do? I'm cute. I'm hot. Not tall enough to be a model. But I should have picked a career where I can utilize this cuteness. Perhaps an air hostess or my current plan B a yoga instructor. Fuck, I could have married a doctor and been a trophy wife. Why did I have to go and be the doctor myself?

Sadly, what's done is done and it's only a few months and I'll graduate and be a doctor. A doctor whom when she pouts, men turn into a puddle.

Imma get that Incredible cape and be The Incredible Doctor. xD

P.S: this isn't my real surgery reflection. The real one went more like bah bah black sheep have you any wool? I LOVE SURGERY!

P.S.S: no, seriously. I really do.


  1. LOL nice topic yh once my friend n I were wondering “am I gonna be sexy in scrubs !!”. n once one of my collage told me y r u here suffering all this crap, If i were u “I’d sit at home n I wouldnt mind marry a doc :p !!