Feb 7, 2011

A Book Crush

Hola boys and girls. Mama feels like a silly teenager and comes to you with a new crush of hers. I HATE to admit it cuz he is supposed to be the enemy and I spent so much time enjoying hating him, I can't just declare my like to him? Or can I? Err anyway, here it goes. I like Gerard Pique. *covers her face*

Yes, I used to think he looks like a mule. But that big blue eyed mule writes! HE PUBLISHED A BOOK! HONEY I'M SOLD! Nothing like a brainy athlete!

Oh forget about the stupid crush. I NEED TO READ THIS BOOK! It needs to be translated to English ASAP. Or it will be just a more motivation for me to pick up where I left off and start learning Spanish again cuz baby this book cries read me.

To conclude, crushes come and go but Real Madrid is for life. Hala Madrid.

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