Feb 10, 2011

La Tortura

I love Shakira. And this song is one of my all time favourites of hers. But to tell you the truth, before last night, I only could understand the word Amor.

Last night I was in the Spanish-Shakira mood and since I really want to learn Spanish and I don't have the time to take proper lessons now -inshallah I will in the summer- I decided to google the lyrics of Spanish songs, memorise the new words and their meanings. One song a night. And La Tortura won tonight. I must say, I'm more in love with this song than ever. He's begging for her forgiveness and giving her his heart and she's dismissing him like the cheating dog he once was. Estoy gusta. I don't know if that is even gramatically correct but I likey :P

Let's hope I keep it up.


  1. i love spanish language ♥.. but i'm too lazy to learn anything at all.. and the only words i recognize are the ones with the same root in man y languages haha...

    wish one day i could learn all i want :(