Feb 20, 2011

Grammy 2011

Finally, I got to see The Grammy Awards last night. What can I say? I am a busy person. And it was fun! Here is what I have to say about it. xD
  • Christina Aguilera, pregnant? Cuz nothing else explains the double chin, tummy and arms.
  • Ricky Martin seems to really enjoy coming out with that silver ugly pants. LOL good for him.
  • Dear Lady Gaga, "don't be a drag, just be a queen"? LOOK WHO'S TALKING! The whole night, everything she did and wore was an epic fail.
  • While Katy Perry was performing Teenage Dream, Nicole Kidman was singing. The cutest thing.
  • It's disgusting how Justin Biber and John Mayer would both be nominated in the same category. I didn't hate JB before but now!
  • JB needs an IQ test ASAP! I looked up the lyrics and he says never in his Never Say Never song, 38 times!
  • The person who dresses Rhianna should quit NOW!
  • The Suburbs, album of the year, really? FAIL!
Now my favourite performances for the night:


I love country music. This is just fun. And Bob Dylan, amazing!

Pure love. They deserved all the awards they got.

Those two, imperfectly perfect!

I love the three of them and I love the song, so..


You CAN'T not dance and sing!

Shakira, you are not alone. This girl's hips don't lie.

Grenade, this soul/jazz version, absolute freaking LOVE!

That's it. Good night xoxo


  1. I was browsing through blogs talking about the Grammys and found yours.

    Question - have you listened to Adele? I think you'd love her, http://www.vevo.com/watch/adele/rolling-in-the-deep/GB1411000094