Feb 16, 2011

So Happy I Could Die :P

What a night! Man I feel like a G6 and I bet I'll wake up tomorrow inshallah felling like P.didy! What? Why you say? Well baby doll, Arsenal WON and wait for it, wait for it, Barcelona LOST!

The thing is, yesterday and today were BAAHD! I was so restless and out of my skin cuz I have my paediatric midterm this Saturday and I haven't had any exams since more than 2 months i.e. out of practice, double the panic! And I really wanted to go out and watch the Champions League game: Arsenal vs Barcelona but the guilt was killing me. Obviously I ignored my guilty conscious and went but it wasn't all flowers and roses. When I got to Fratelli cafe the douchebags were airing Hilal vs Ahly match, even when A vs B started! Saudi stupid teams instead of the UCL? REALLY? Obviously, I talked to the manager and demanded to switch the channel or I'M LEAVING AND THEN IT'S YOUR LOSS! They didn't! he just begged me to wait a few minutes. Hilal won. WHO CARES?!

Now finally we are watching the game. Mood already beyond fucked up. And then bam David Villa scores a goal for Barcelona. No comment.

The 2nd half begins and Van Persie scores for Arsenal! I screamed and clapped and the party begun baby! And then Arshivan scores the winner and I was on cloud nine xD
Seriously the game was amazing and I'm not just happy becuase Barcelona lost. I also consider myself an honorary Arsenal fan since I'm the sister of 2 die hard Gunners! :p

So yeah happy happy day al 7mdullah xD
Wish me luck on my midterm and good luck to Real Madrid against Lyon next week xoxo

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